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Cacao is a contemporary chocolate store with its own in-house kitchen where the chocolatiers make quality bonbons, bars, truffles and more. Cacao works with the best quality chocolate and ingredients, you can even see the process through the glass window. From the in-house kitchen to the store, directly to your home how fresh is that!

Cacao is situated on the Oudegracht, just within the limits of the city centre. The window display with all the sweet and gorgeous looking chocolates immediately catches your eye as you pass it. Tempting you to step into the store, where you will be in cacao wonderland. Try leaving without buying anything! I wish you the best of luck when shopping in this store full of wonderful chocolates and flavours.

Cacao also arranges workshops for small groups. So if you want to make your own bonbons it would be a good place to try.

Address – Oudegracht 179

Google maps [highlight]here[/highlight]!

Pics from the Cacao website!

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