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Fun in the park

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The best thing about spring is the ability to spend loads of time outside! Whether you like working in the garden, sipping a cocktail on a terrace or my favorite thing to do have a picnic in the park, it’s the best season for outdoor fun.

Utrecht has loads of parks, on a warm spring day all of the parks are always packed with people playing soccer, frisbee, lounging and even enjoying a BBQ. Each park has its own setting, atmosphere and of course a different kind of crowd.

Here is a short list of some of the parks you can visit to enjoy your time outdoors.

Reasons to visit: [highlight]Lepelenburg park[/highlight] (Zocherpark)

  1. One of the oldest parks in Utrecht, some of the trees are about hundred years old. Lepelenburg is a real city park!
  2. Has lot’s of events during spring and summer, like the culinary event: Uitgekookt.
  3. Very relax atmosphere full of young people, students and creative peeps.

Reasons to visit: [highlight]Giftpark[/highlight]

  1. It’s a great park for the whole family.
  2. Gorgeous park with loads of space, beautiful plants, threes and water elements.
  3. Want to get sporty join the many bootcamp groups that run and exercise in the park.
  4. Has a great restaurant with a very large and beautiful France-like terrace.

Reasons to visit: [highlight]Whileminapark[/highlight]

  1. A romantic oases just outside the city centre with a fountain and lake.
  2. The park attracts a mixed crowd consisting of families, youngsters, hippos, lovers and elderly people.
  3. Close by the Burgermeester Reigerstraat so you can buy a bottle wine, good Italian cheese, sweet snacks to enjoy in the park.
  4. Home to one of the best restaurants in Utrecht. Watch people go by while you sip a latte.

Reasons to visit: [highlight]Estate Amelisweerd & Rhijnauwen[/highlight]

  1. Nice bike ride to the estate and when you arrive it feels like you are in fairy land.
  2. A visit to Amelisweerd is a guaranty for a full day of fun. You can visit the museum, the garden to pick flowers or vegetables, get sporty and rent a canoe. There is something to do for everyone.
  3. If you would like to stay a bit longer you can, there are hotels nearby.

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