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Here you will find a selection of the best hospitality hotspots in Utrecht, where local flavors tempt your taste buds and memorable moments are made. Where can you enjoy aromatic coffees at cozy cafés, delicious culinary delights at renowned restaurants, and the ambiance of traditional pubs? Let me show you the way through the city’s culinary landscape.

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9 RESTAURANTS for a long & leisurely lunch

What about lunch? Dinner might be an important meal of the day. But we at Explore Utrecht are a major fan of long & leisurely lunches. There’s something special about enjoying a great meal in the middle of your day. And it’s a bonus because some higher-end restaurants offer the same excellent food at lower prices at lunchtime. So, what is stopping you? Check out this list for nine great posts for lunch in Utrecht.

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Hotel top 3

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Discover Tranquility in the city center of Utrecht!

Bunk Hotel Explore Utrecht

Dive into Utrecht's Social Scene at BUNK!

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Embrace the Local Hospitality with a Cozy Stay

Start your morning with good coffee and a nourishing breakfast

Start your day with a cup of fresh coffee or tea in a cozy coffee shop. Or have a nourishing breakfast so you have boundless energy to explore all that the city has to offer. Here you will find top tips for outdoor breakfasts in Utrecht.

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From Cozy Cafés to Renowned Restaurants in Utrecht

Utrecht is bursting with hotspots for a hearty lunch, quick bite, or culinary indulgence. Here you will find tasty lunch recommendations by locals.

Unlock Utrecht's Culinary Secrets

Discover fine dining hotspots in Utrecht, from Instagram-worthy spots, hidden gems and golden oldies. Taste Utrecht has you covered for solo dining, groups, couples, and families.

From Cozy Cafes, High-end cocktail- & winecafes, to buzzing pubs you don't want to miss!

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