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5x Restaurants in beautiful buildings in Utrecht

What’s more delightful than enjoying a good dinner? A delicious dinner in a beautiful building, or a tasty breakfast/lunch of course ;). A special location gives it just that little bit extra. Therefore this list of restaurants in special locations in Utrecht.

Good food with a beautiful view or a breathtaking interior: in Utrecht we have a lot of them. Whether it is a nice lunch or a delicious dinner, there is plenty to choose from.

De Pomp Utrecht

Once a dilapidated gas-station and now a great restaurant in Utrecht. At the Pomp you can eat and drink every day, enough fuel as they call it. The old logo of the pumping station doesn’t look out of place in the interior and fits well with the atmosphere they want to radiate. Relaxed and hip!

From breakfast to dinner: there is something for everyone and all that for a low price. Not only the location is a typical case of sustainability, but also the food. Organic and regional products are chosen as much as possible.

Address De Pomp Utrecht
Croeselaan 122
3521 CE Utrecht
Opening hours: Monday until Sunday from 09:00 – 23:00

LE:EN Utrecht

Is a large industrial warehouse boring? Certainly not, and the Asian restaurant LE:EN proves it. The interior is modern and green with a traditional edge because a nice illustration of a dragon adorns the location. If you like sharing dining concepts, LE:EN is the place to be.

The restaurant serves small Asian dishes that are perfect to share with your tablemates. And when they say Asian dishes, they mean real Asian dishes. With flavors from Japan, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India. Try an Asian beer, for example, LE:EN.

Address LE:EN Utrecht
Heuveloord 140
3523 CK Utrecht
Opening hours: every day since 11:00
E-mail: info@LEEN-restaurant.nl

WT Urban Kitchen

In this list of restaurants in special buildings Utrecht we have to include WT Urban Kitchen. The water tower has a spectacular view A beautiful location that lends itself well for private dining or a business lunch.

Whatever your choice, it is guaranteed to be enjoyable. Fancy a drink? Then pay a visit to the cafe, which has a terrace by the water! Ideal for birthday parties, receptions, but also suitable for events.

Address WT Urban Kitchen Utrecht 
Heuveloord 25A
3523 CK Utrecht
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 17:30 – 00:00
and Friday – Sunday 12:00-00:00
E-mail: info@wturbankitchen.nl
Phone: 030 303 1216


Het Ketelhuis Utrecht

From former furniture factory to culinary cuisine! Het Ketelhuis could not be missing from this list of restaurants in special locations Utrecht. In the worldly cuisine of the Ketelhuis, flavors are central. In all simplicity and with a clear statement as they themselves describe it so beautifully.

The restaurant serves a four, five, six and seven-course menu. Do you like to be surprised? Then try the surprise menu, which consists of dishes from the à la carte menu. Moreover, all dishes can be served vegetarian.

Address Het Ketelhuis Utrecht
Rotsoord 7b
Opening hours: Tuesday until Saturday from 18:00-23:00
E-mail: info@hetketelhuisutrecht.nl
Phone: 030 400 40 70

De Zagerij

De Zagerij (The sawmill) is an industrial heritage with beautiful high ceilings and authentic windows. A special location where you can have lunch, drinks, and dinner seven days a week. The open kitchen is an eye-catcher and the menu has something for everyone. From surprising fish and meat dishes to a lot of vegetables and vegetarian dishes. But De Zagerij is also the place to be for a drink and a bite.

Address de Zagerij Utrecht
Rotsoord 7a
3523 CL
E-mail:  info@dezagerijutrecht.nl
Phone: 030 400 40 80

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