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Rachmaninoff – Vismarkt 20

At Rachmaninoff you can buy affordable design for your home. The shop sells items that are just a bit different but in a funny, hilarious way. You can also find classic pieces with a bit of a twist. Or new designs that offer just that little extra you are looking for.

Nisha – Wittevrouwenstraat 42

Nisha, sells beautiful décor for your home. They have candles, accessories, lights, books, furniture and loads more. I especially love the vases by Pols Potten, they are my favourite items in the store. Walking into this store will make you very make you happy! There is also Nisha Junior for stylish little people.

Sissy Boy – Oudegracht 124

Sissy Boy is a charming shop in the city centre of Utrecht. They sell women’s clothing as well as very nice items for your home. I love the gorgeous blankets, lamps and wine glasses that they have in the collection. The collection at Sissy Boy is always up to date but you can see a consistency through out the year, it’s always sophisticated, colourful and a bit glamorous. The store also has great stuff for the bathroom, like large fluffy towels, soaps, hand creme and more.

Mooi & Belle – Twijnstraat 37

Mooi & Belle is located in one of the oldest street in Utrecht. The store has a French flair with an absolutely beautiful country style collection. Next to home décor they also have gorgeous wardrobes. The shop isn’t located in the city centre but is surely worth a visit!

Combo Design – Sint Jacobstraat 12

Is the place to for design furniture, lamps, carpets & more. The team can also give you advise on design, styling & lights for your home or office. The store is located in the city centre of Utrecht.

AYA Living – Biltstraat 3

A great store with creative and passionate owners. At AYA Living you can get advice on how to turn your old furniture into a gem. You can also find cushions, plaids and fun things to decorate your living space. If they don’t have anything you like, which I can’t image, well just have it tailored to your liking. Loads of different kinds of fabric to help you design the item you want.

ZinZin – Burg. Reigerstraat 11

A fun store where you will find items to decorate your living room, kitchen, kids room and more. Zinin sells a wide range of products, so you will always find something you just have to buy. Zinin also has oils, marmalade, dressings and other sweets goodies.

Bebop – oudegracht 187

Bebop located near the canals in Utrecht! At Bebop you can find designs by Gispen, Eames, Dutch Originals and more. This store is worth a look. You will also enjoy the surroundings.

Emma B – Oudegracht 218

Just outside of the city centre you will find Emma B. If you are looking for Scandinavian design, this is the right place to buy. The creative but simple and clean design will match with any interior you may want to create for your home. They also have a good VIP collection, which I just love.

Strand West – Oudegracht 114

In the middle if the city centre you will find Strand west a small design warehouse located in an old castle. Here you will find items by young talented Dutch designers. You can also get advice on your own design issues and interior decorating. Strand West is filled with contemporary design.

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