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#exploreutrechtmeetup at Goed spul

I can proudly say that the #exploreutrechtmeetup was a success! The first edition of the meet-up was on the 29th of October at the Vintage store Goed spul located on the Plantage.

The focus of the meet-up was influence marketing and how bloggers and businesses can join forces and profit from a collaboration. We had to two speakers representing for bloggers and businesses. Kirsten Jassies, an expert on Influence marketing and Instagram marketing and blog coach talked about how to promote your niche on the market. She gave us examples of bloggers and Instagrammers that almost rule the world and make a good living by just having an account and putting it to good use. Influence marketing is now booming, find your niche and get on that express train to fame and money. Business owner Wouter Staal, whom runs the very successful Yoghurt Barn in Utrecht and Amsterdam, talked about his work relationship with bloggers and influencers and how this works for him to market the company. Both presentations were very interactive as the participants had lots of questions on how to market their blog, find a niche, select social media canals, find bloggers or businesses, whether to ask for pay and how much, set boundaries and much more.

The kick off gave me more inspiration for other #exploreutrechtmeetup editions in the near future. For bloggers and business to connect and interact but also for blogger meet-ups. Maybe I just found my niche. This journey started with one tweet, to a successful meet-up for bloggers and businesses and maybe even in the future a new niche for Explore Utrecht.

I would like to thank all participants for great evening. If you would like to comment on the #exploreutrechtmeetup please do so below.

Big Tumbs up to the sponsors and speakers!

  1. Kirsten Jassies – JustK.nl
  2. Wouter Staal – Yoghurt Barn
  3. Goed spul vintage store
  4. Restaurant Elvi
  • Marije Blogt wrote a great blog on the #exploreutrechtmeetup. It’s a ten minute read 😉
  • Lucie from Galerie Lucie (DIY) wrote a blog on how she now is very inspired to continue blogging.
  • Bettina from Bettyskitchen.nl posted a photo dairy of October and mentioned the #exploreutrechtmeetup.

The pictures are by Lieke ten Hoedt, check her website for more info!

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  1. Betty

    I’ve got food in my hands and a big smile on my face: ‘ nuff said ! 🙂

  2. Lucie Beck

    Dear Dianahara,

    Thanks you for the invitation! It was nice to meet you and some other bloggers and share our experiences. I’d like the presentation of Kirsten Jassies and Wouter Staal very much!
    On my blog I wrote an article about this evening;-)

    Greetings, Lucie Beck

  3. Dainahara Polonia

    Thanks Lucie! Was great having you and hopefully you will join next year.

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