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3x workspots in Utrecht-West

flexwerkplekken in utrecht: koffie en ik

Working from home, is becoming a very popular option because of the freedom you have away from the office. Working from home means escaping the rut of the office for me personally. I think the biggest advantage of working from home is being able to get up at a relaxed pace and determine your own schedule. There is no train, bus or hustle and bustle around you. No, you are already at ‘(home) office’.

I live in a nice and cozy apartment (40 m2!) in Lombok with my boyfriend. I love my home. But I can’t work there the whole day because I feel the walls closing in on me after a few hours. But sitting inside my tiny apartment for a few hours makes me claustrophobic. That’s why I love seeking fun and quiet spots in my neighborhood to work or blog.

I’ve made a top 3 of working spots for you in the neighborhoods: Lombok and Oog in Al. Important criteria for me are: free WIFI, good breakfast / lunch menu and extensive opening-hours. All working spots are open from 8 or 9 for breakfast. So that’s perfect for the early birds.

The following overview is in no particular order. Only opening-hours during the week are noted.

Carla’s Conditorie & Foodbar
Besides Carla’s next to the Dom there is also the recently opened Carla’s in Oog in Al. A nice addition if I do say so myself. Carla’s is the place for delicious homemade sweets and tarts such as carrot cake, but also Swedish pastries are on the menu. You can choose to sit inside by the window, or when the sun shines on the terrace.
It is quiet at Carla’s, which is partly due to the fact that Carla’s in Oog in Al hasn’t been discovered by the crowd yet. Start your day at 8 a clock with a delicious breakfast or come around at tea time and take a cappuccino with one of the delicious homemade cakes.

Coffee break suggestion: Fresh mint tea with a cinnamon roll or a carrot cake!
Opening-hours: 8.00 -17.00* hours
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Koffie & Ik
You can find Koffie & Ik between the Vleutenseweg in Lombok/ Nieuw Engeland neighborhood. The interior has a Scandinavian look and feel, minimalistic but classy. Koffie & Ik is a popular coffee hotspot among locals. It is a wonderful place to work. Besides the delicious toasted sandwiches they also have lovely sourdough bread and different sweets and tarts on the menu. Koffie & Ik can be busy around lunchtime. The best time to go Koffie & Ik is early in the morning or just after lunch hours. If you decide to start early in the morning, just start your day at 8.00 with a delicious breakfast such as yoghurt with fresh fruit and granola.

Lunch suggestion: A teapot with Jasmine tea and a toasted sandwich with chorizo, cheese and chutney.
Opening-hours: 8.00-17.00 hours
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Koffie en Ik Explore Utrecht 6

Parc388 is located at the corner of Groeneweg / Vleutensweg in Lombok. You will recognize the building right away, because it has green leaves on the façade. The interior is rustic and warm. At Parc388 you’re not the only one working. It’s a quiet place to work and you have a nice view of the Majellapark. The lunch menu is extensive. If you are an early bird? You can also have breakfast at 9 a clock with a croissant and fresh orange juice.

Lunch suggestion: Organic sourdough bread with humus and a fresh juice.
Opening-hours: 9.00-17.30 hours
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Contribution by Samantha Wicht of Taste with Sam
Pictures by Michaela of the New Life Beginning