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Coffee at Koffie & Ik in Lombok

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Coffee in Lombok

Located between small shops, hairdressers, dry cleaners and bakeries you will find a minimalist-style coffeespot. Koffie & Ik in Lombok, a colorful part of Utrecht with a diversity of cultures, is a pleasant surprise.

A treat on the terrace

Koffie & Ik is located just outside the city centre. For me, it’s actually bit far, but I still think it’s worth a bike ride to lombok. Koffie & Ik serves delicious coffee and tea with cake and cookies. At the front is a small but cozy terrace that’s packed with people when the sun is shining. The decor is simple and has a Scandinavian feel to it. Les is more, that is certainly case at Koffie & Ik.

Fine work and lunch spot

Koffie & Ik is also a fine place to work. Free Wi-Fi is always a great USP (unique selling point), right? But if you want to do a ton of work it would be better to get an early start. Because around noon it gets really busy with lunch guests, so you might as well join in on the ‘gezelligheid’. Can’t get enough of Koffie & Ik? You can by goodies and coffee for home at the shop.

Address: Vleutenseweg 169
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Pictures by Michaela of New Life Beginning