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A Surprising Dinner at De Klub | Europalaan

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De Klub, a hidden green oasis

De Klub is kind of like a four leaf clover: it’s hard to find, but when you do find it, you’re happy as can be! After circling Vechtclub XL a few times, we discovered we had to venture past the entrance of the busdepot. At the end of a dreary parking lot we spot a greenhouse, giant plant pots and a fleet of picnic tables. This green oasis has to be De Klub.

Once we’re inside we are greeted by De Klub’s characteristic, industrial interior, where all tables have a grand view of the kitchen. Having taken a seat in a cozy corner, the concept of De Klub is explained at our table. They prepare a 3-course meal for us, which they’d like to surprise us with. This menu changes every few days. Each course offers two options, one of which is always vegetarian. If you’re on a special diet or have an allergy, this should be no problem. Just call in advice to let them know!
After ordering we were presented with a small appetizer in a ceramic cup. The cups were handmade by an entrepreneur from Vechtclub XL. De Klub works together with a lot of different entrepreneurs from the collective, their wines and interior design also stem from these collaborations.

The concept at De Klub

To provide a complete picture of what De Klub’s chefs have to offer, I decided to go for the vegetarian options. My partner decided to go with the fish and meat version of the menu. The vegetarian entrée was a salad of beets, chard and a poached egg. My partner was presented with an amazing bouillabaisse, filled royally with fresh muscles, giant shrimp and fresh crab! Both entrees were delicious and we were very curious to see what the main course of our menu would be. For the meat eaters: a beautiful piece of succulent roast piglet from Braambrugge. The vegetarian option matched the amazing quality of the other main beautifully. Grilled aubergine stuffed with ricotta and grilled peppers, that melted in your mouth. Both were topped with a generous dollop of home made pesto. Our taste buds did a happy dance!

The atmosphere of the evening was very relaxed, the staff gave you ample time to eat in peace. A meal at De Klub will surely provide a full evening of delight. Escape the rush of the city and start looking for this amazing four leaf clover!

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Monday. 09.00 – 17.00
Tuesday until Friday 09.00 – 24.00*
Saturday 17.00 – 24.00*
Sunday. 11.00 – 24.00* (brunch between 11.00 and 15.00)

*) kitchen open until 22.00