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Hidden green oasis of Charles V in the heart of Utrecht

In collaboration with Morren Galleries, Grand Hotel Karel V is opening its second sculpture exhibition in the hotel’s beautiful garden. Behind the gate of the historic hotel is an oasis of peace, step through the gate and discover the impressive statues of four different artists. But the gardens of Charles V offer much more this summer.

(He)art of Steel sculpture exhibition in Karel V’s city garden

Grand Hotel Karel V will open its impressive sculpture exhibition on Saturday 29 June; (He)art of Steel. Morren Galleries, curator of the exhibition, chose three different artists from the Netherlands and Belgium for this sculpture exhibition. Behind the gates of Grand Hotel Karel V, a number of sculptures will be exhibited in 10,000 m2 of city gardens.

You can admire the life-size old-iron animal sculptures made of parts of machines and vehicles, created by Jeroen Jacobs. Irma’s abstract works, which connect organic forms of man and nature, fit in with the beautiful French atmosphere of the gardens of Grand Hotel Karel V. The athletic bronze figures with a monumental character of Philippe Timmermans give a powerful appearance to the exhibition.  The works of art by all three artists will provide amazement and admiration for art in a soothing environment.

Beeldenexpositie Grand Hotel Karel V Foto beeld - Jeroen Jacobs

Don’t be held back by the high imposing walls, but walk through the garden, which is always open to the public. After the walk you can enjoy the summer temperatures on the terrace while enjoying the fresh Karel Summer Cocktail with rosemary from the herb garden. Do you prefer a beer? Then order ‘IJzerhard’ a specially brewed IPA together with brewery Oproer.

Tour of hidden gardens during Open Garden Day

Behind the high white walls of the Grand Hotel Karel V, much more is happening this summer. During the Open Garden Day on Saturday 29 June, you can visit enclosed gardens in the city centre of Utrecht. The gardens of Karel V are always open to visitors, making them the perfect starting point for a day’s sightseeing. During Open Garden Day you can buy an open Garden Day passe-partout from Karel V.

Wandering around the gardens on Sunday 7 July

On Sunday 7 July, gardens and courtyards in Utrecht will be dedicated to music. During ‘Struinen in de Tuinen’ you can enjoy live music and mini-classical concerts. Singer-songwriters ‘Eyes of Ruby’ will perform on the terrace of Grand Hotel Karel V. Let yourself be carried away in their dream world along the Italian coast and through Dutch autumn storms. Ilia’s beautiful voice is only accompanied by guitar and piano.

The performance lasts 30 minutes and ‘Eyes of Ruby’ will play at 12:45 | 14:15 | 15:45.

Grand Hotel Karel V, Geertebolwerk 1 |  www.karelv.nl

Beeld - Tuinen Grand Hotel Karel V

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