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The Ping Pong Club along the track

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In the Second Daalsebuurt in Utrecht you can come and play ping-pong since March this year. At the Ping Pong Club there are ping-pong tables inside and outside. It is also possible to play board games inside the Ping Pong Club. The menu contains all kinds of cocktails and beers and the food is mainly Arabic. Reason enough to stop by for a game of ping pong.

The idea for a Ping Pong Club came up when the founders, John, Jan Joost & Thijs, went to London for an inspiration trip. Together they are the owners of ‘Gajes in the Bajes‘, an escaperoom in the old prison on the Wolvenplein. “A place where you can play ping-pong in a café wasn’t anywhere in Utrecht yet. You do have several events where ping-pong tables are rented, but a permanent place to have an active evening with your friends while drinking a beer, has only just come into being, that was our goal. Pingpongen is more fun and active than pooling. Come and try it,” says John van der Pouw Crane.

Grab a terrace along the train tracks and play some ping pong

The colours of the café stand out: light and dark purple/pink, green-blue and brightly coloured accents. The music that is playing fits the interior; different and surprising. The location of the Ping Pong Club is also a bit unusual, right next to the track, on the grounds of an old railway workshop. The industrial look gives the café an extra original wow factor. I would definitely go play ping-pong with my friends while I drink a nice cocktail and order an Arabic (side) dish. You can’t really dine there, but a bite to eat during the ping pong game is possible.

Temporary housing

The Ping Pong Club will be housed at its current location for about 2.5 years. I would say, challenge your friends to a game of ping pong, or to an old-fashioned board game while enjoying a snack or a drink. You can play ping-pong until 23:00 at the latest.

Ping Pong Club
Concordiastraat 80

Opening hours:
Wednesday until Friday 15:00 – 23:00
Saturday 12:00 – 23:00
Sunday 12:00 – 22:00

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