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Pasta, wine, cheese, juice, espresso. They have it all at Bigoli’s at Schoutenstraat 7 and 12 (at the corner of Neude square) in Utrecht. That’s right: two adresses. That’s because Bigoli has two stores. Number 7 is for all your ingredients (from real Italian pasta to the best Parmazan in town) and take-out dishes (why work your ass off in the kitchen when you can get it ready-made, right?). You’ll find the fresh juices, strong espresso and delicious Italian sandwiches across the street though, at number 12.

Bigoli’s number 12 looks and feels like a real Italian trattoria with its fresh food and the busy atmosphere. No wonder it’s one of MPS’ favourite lunchspots!

Believe me, if you’d close your eyes in one of Bigoli’s stores, ignore the Dutchies around you and smell the Italian scents and coffee, you’d believe you’re in Milan, Venice, Rome or any other Italian city.

Adres – Schoutenstraat 7
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Contribution by Sanne Wierda – love is the new black


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