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5 Hotspots for meditation and yoga in Utrecht (for an extra dosis mindfulness)

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We have a new list for you! This time we selected 5 hotspots and classes for meditation and yoga in Utrecht. Something thing to try if you are curious about meditation and yoga. And even if you are experienced, you might want to give these options a try. Find more balance with these suggestions.

Meditation and yoga in Utrecht

I’ve been hooked on yoga since the first time I walked onto the yoga mat. Yoga helps me relax, live in the moment and it keeps me fit. More and more people can’t live without it, but there are still a lot of misconceptions. There are a lot of people who think that you have to be flexible or that it is very boring. The latter of course differs from person to person, but the former is simply not true.

You don’t have to be flexible to get onto the yoga mat, because that’s not what yoga is about. Also, meditation may sound impossible, but it really isn’t. You don’t have to sit still like a pro for hours. That’s why we have a number of chill hotspots for meditation and yoga in Utrecht. For everyone who wants to give it a try and for all lovers who can’t live without it.

Yoga Point

If you are looking for a modern yoga studio, please take a look at Yoga Point in Utrecht. A professional yoga studio that offers a lot of different forms of yoga. Very cool for advanced students who want to try out all kinds of things and just as much fun for beginners who have never tried a yoga posture before.

It really doesn’t matter what level you are on, everyone is more than welcome. You can follow pregnancy yoga, but also children’s yoga, senior yoga, company yoga and private lessons. From Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga to Power yoga and Acroyaga. And those are just a few examples of what the yoga studio has to offer. If you want to become a yoga teacher yourself, they will also be happy to help you.

Meditation Mondays, Karibu Café

Attention ladies (because ladies only)! Do you want to get acquainted with meditation in an accessible way? Start your day with the Meditation Mondays of the Karibu Café. I’ve never been there myself, but I’ve already heard a lot of good stories from Dainahara.

Meditation Mondays offers a fine meditation ritual in a relaxed environment that is combined with a healthy breakfast. No wrong way to start your day and week, right? Participation is only possible by booking and costs €12.50. Be quick if you are interested, because they only have twelve places.


Klanck Mindfulness

Do you want to learn to listen to your body better, are you not comfortable in your skin or can’t you shake off all the stress? Perhaps a mindfulness training at Klanck is something for you. In eight weeks you will learn through simple exercises and meditation how to live a mindful life. In the weekly training of 2.5 hours, different themes are offered. Topics such as: body awareness, stress, thoughts and emotions.

You also get a workbook and audio files so you can work at home. If you have any doubts, you can always sign up for an intake interview free of charge. Besides the mindfulness training there are also Slow Flow Walks organized. A special offline walk in nature that is dedicated to mindfulness.



The Yogaschool in the centre of Utrecht offers various forms of yoga and meditation in a cozy, homely atmosphere. Think: bamboo wood floor and sweet tea corner. Lovely to chat before or after class, but also very nice to read.

The Yogaschool only offers small lessons for about ten people. A big advantage, because that means personal guidance. There are also workshops, courses and other special lessons organized. For example, lessons where the seasons, sleep and stress or relaxation are central.

Yoga Moves

Another great yoga studio is Yoga Moves. They also offer different classes for beginners and advanced. More than 110 lessons per week, just to give an example. Plenty of space! In addition, they give various workshops, including massage workshops. Learn tricks during the Thai massage workshop or the Ayurvedic yoga massage workshop. So relaxing!

Besides good Dutch teachers they also work with international yoga teachers. This can’t be otherwise if the founder’s roots lie in California. She has been running Yoga Moves in Utrecht since 2004. And we have a nice extra, because if you book through the Onefit app now you get a 20% discount.

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