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Breakfast in Hoog Catharijne: 5 Hotspots for a good start of the day

Ontbijten in Hoog Catharijne

Eight times out of ten I leave home in a hurry so I don’t miss the train to Utrecht. Preparing breakfast is not an option, but fortunately I always pass by Hoog Catharijne. In the large shopping mall next to the train station there is more than plenty of choice. These are my five favourite places to have breakfast in Hoog Catharijne. 

Breakfast in Hoog Catharijne

I like the mall in Hoog Catharijne! To me, such a large shopping mall has a feeling of something American. And therefore a little bit of the feeling that I’m abroad. Clothing, shoes, jewelry and even interior gadgets: Hoog Catharijne has it all. But the mall also has a lot of restaurant, some of which are fine breakfast spots. A hearty breakfast, a sweet start or a quick bite: breakfast in Hoog Catharijne is diverse. It doesn’t really matter what you want, because there is literally something for everyone.

1: Bread & Co in Hoog Catharijne

As the name implies, you can go to Bread & Co for bread and stuff! You name it and they have it for your sandwich. For a cold roll, hot roll, panini and bouncer. Do you have kids? Then you can make them happy with a soft roll with sprinkles or peanut butter. Almost always good, right? They also have delicious omelettes with salmon, goat cheese and there is a vega variant. So yes, enough bread options!

2: Leon in Hoog Catharijne

Leon in Hoog Catharijne is secretly my favourite place, because h(honest) coffee and fine porridge with banana and cinnamon, and all that in a fast-food chain. Yes, you read it correctly: a fast food chain. But a naturally fast food chain as they call themselves. Fresh vegetable smoothies, vegetarian options and much is sustainable. Moreover, everything is affordable! It’s not for nothing that Leon is my favourite. You can also go there for an English breakfast with sausage, egg, beans and bacon. There is plenty of choice for a good filling breakfast.

3: SLA in Hoog Catharijne

SLA not only serves tasty and healthy salads, but you can also go to Hoog Catharijne for breakfast. Overnight oats in different flavours, smoothie bowls and warm porridge. I love porridge myself and at SLA they serve the porridge with banana, blueberries and mixed walnut paste. Also nice is a piece of banana bread with a fresh juice. You can compose the juice yourself if you want. Fun and delicious!

4: Bagels & Beans in Hoog Catharijne

Bagels & Beans has been one of my favourite spots for a fine matcha latte with oatmeal and of course for delicious bagels. There is not only a normal Bagels & Beans in the mall, but also the very first Bagels & Beans aGoGo in the Netherlands. How cool?! You can get various spreads and fresh salads. Bagel heaven… The spreads are freshly prepared daily and can be put on your warm bagel. The spreads vary in taste, from salmon, Thai curry to white chocolate with cranberry. Like I said: Bagel heaven!

5: Baker Bart in Hoog Catharijne

Baker Bart has been in the mall for some time now, but was certainly not to be missed on the list. Also here you will find several delicious sandwiches, juices and sweets. You pay for a breakfast consisting of tea/coffee, oven-fresh mini-bar with ham or cheese, buttercream croissant and an orange juice for only €3.75. Of course, you don’t leave breakfast for that.

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Ontbijten in Hoog Catharijne