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The rich history, the old buildings and the canals give Utrecht an atmosphere that you have to feel to understand. I’m Krista and you understand, this city makes me happy! Utrecht gives me a good feeling. I haven’t been a student for a while now, but I’m crazy about the students who make the city bustle; thanks to them there are lots of festivals, and Utrecht is alive!

I also love good food, and I love to write about and discover lesser-known places. My heart beats faster when I inspire others to try and experience something new, something different. With travel and with food. After some wanderings in Cape Town, Sydney and Amsterdam, my boyfriend and I settled down in Utrecht in 2005. We immediately felt at home. Our family grew to three 2.5 years ago, and since then I’ve been discovering Utrecht in another way.

I love what’s real. I prefer to avoid terms like “authentic” and “honest”, but that is what I mean. I also want you to get to know the real Utrecht. The same is true in my work. As a freelance foor marketer, I’m happy when I contribute to the visibility of businesses that really think about our health and that make the world a bit more beautiful.

When I settled in Utrecht, really good food places and restaurants were scarce. Fortunately that’s changed. The quality has improved. Taste is the most important for me. In my opinion, Utrecht is no longer behind Amsterdam and Rotterdam when it comes to the innovation of the food service industry. I’m sharing my favourite places with love, but I especially encourage you to discover more!

Food & Drink

Héron Petit Restaurant has conquered my heart since its opening in September 2016. Here they only cook with local, seasonal ingredients. Joyce and Victor let you discover ingredients that they pick from nature and that are somewhat more uncommon than what you usually eat in restaurants. Prepared with lots of love and flavour. And not unimportant: here you’re given the attention that you deserve as a guest eating dinner out.

I like to sit at Hooi on Burgemeester Reigerstraat with my little man. Definitely a nice street where you can find all sorts of specialty shops. There are only a few places in Utrecht that are really tailored to children, and this is one of them. Olivier plays with the toy kitchen so I can enjoy my coffee. Glorious.

Lifestyle & Shopping

When the market is open on Saturdays, I grab my cheese at Pakhuis Kaas, Boter, Eieren. I often have “regular” cheese on my list, but I usually also end up with delicious French cheeses to enjoy with drinks. What I really like here is that they know where their products come from and they can tell you about it with passion. They help you to find the cheeses that you love.

I’ve been going to Beautycocoon Skincare for 10 years to treat myself, ranging from getting my eyebrows done to more extensive treatments. It’s a small, cozy place that you need an appointment to get into. With nice relaxing music, you get a real moment to yourself.

Sights & Events

When we first moved here, I wanted to get to know the city. Using the walking paths of the VVV (tourist information center), we wandered the Hofjes en Kameren route (courtyards and chambers) and saw a side of Utrecht that would otherwise have stayed unnoticed. In this way, I got to know the small but beautiful garden on the Servetstraat near the Dom. A great place to escape the hustle in the city.

The Kruidenniersmuseum is a small historical pearl to visit, in my opinion. It’s located in a very small 17th century house between ‘t Hoogt and the Lange Jansstraat. Here you can buy old fashioned candy, like sour sticks and licorice. Too cute!

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Photo’s by Susanne Sterkenburg

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