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Recently a new highlight has appeared on the frontier of Lombok and Nieuw Engeland. Large windows, light wood and a row of brightly colored pillows in its windowsill bring a smile to your face as you bike past. What lies behind those big windows? Ikook!

Ikook caters to the need of being able to eat good and healthy food, without having to spend hours on end in the kitchen. At Ikook, owner Vera will do that for you! Every day she prepares several soups, salads, warm meals and even desserts, for a healthy and easy bite.

The concept is simple, you can order a meal through their website before 4pm, so you can enjoy the rest of the day in anticipation of your amazing meal. At the end of the day, all you have to do is show up and eat! But what if you’ve forgotten to reserve your meal (or you just really like suprises)? You can show up at Ikook and take a look at the menu on their chalk board. There’s always some dishes that are not included on the website. Vera tells you everything you need to know about the dishes stalled out in the glass display, and she does it with a big smile! She might even have something special cooking in the kitchen for you…

When I visited Ikook, me and my partner went for the pasta with tuna and the salad with braised chicken, tomatoes and mint. Both very tasty and freshly made! The food seems to taste even better accompanied by the warm hospitality of Ikook’s owner Vera, who fondly speaks of her store and her mission to present healthy food in a low-key and accessible way. Mission accomplished!

Address: Vleutenseweg 349
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