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Young hipsters, business men, creative peeps, skaters, families and more all find their way to Klein Berlijn. You couldn’t guess there is such a great lounge spot along the canal by the location of this restaurant and lounge. Klein Berlijn is located near to Tivoli De Helling and across a fire station, in the middle of several businesses, car service companies and showrooms. If you don’t know where to look you wouldn’t find it.

Klein Berlijn is not just a lounge spot but also part of a creative hub at Rotsoord. Here you will also find LE:EN, a Asian fusion restaurant. Kwestie van Smaak, a wine and whisky store and upstairs Urlaub a creative concept store. Rotsoord is still in development and I’m excited to see what will happen in this part of the city.

During the day crab a magazine from the large table to leaf trough and enjoy a German beer outside on the terrace. But Klein Berlijn is good at organising parties and events as well. They have a house DJ and also regular performances and other events. Like the Facebook page to stay up to date on all the events.


Guess it’s all in the name! At Klein Berlijn chairs and the bar are covered with magazine pages, bright orange windows and doors, aqua coloured walls and a dark bar. A lounge corner with bright coloured pillows and graffiti on the bathroom walls. The place breaths creativity and coolness. It actually reminds me of the city Berlin.

The menu is very simple, totally no fuss: small snacks, bread with dips, German beers and other drinks. What I really like are the reasonable prices. After 18:00 you can order dinner. Nothing on the menu that you would like? No problem just bring or order your own dinner. You do have to buy the drinks at Klein Berlijn though. How great is this!

Klein Berlijn is located just outside the city centre but surely worth a visit!

Address: Briljantlaan 5a
Google map [highlight]here[/highlight]!

Pics are from Klein Berlijn website!

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