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It is becoming very gloomy outside, slowly winter is taking over. One of the things I prefer to do on these dark days is hang out with my friends and having a nice chat with a steaming cup of tea in our hands.
Where we meet differs each time; it can be at someone’s place, in a restaurant or café. It depends on our time and calendar? The last time, it was my turn to find something new to try.

I regularly go into town for a coffee, most of the time I try to find something new. A while ago I stopped at the Bakkerswinkel. It was more like a coincidence that I ended up there. I was strolling home, after I finished my visit to the Flowermarket on Janskerkhof, and I just wanted a coffee. While I was enjoying my coffee and a warm scone (which was delicious), I looked around at the various nice shelves with treats. I knew it, next time I will go back to have a High Tea with my friends!

There are several hotspots in Utrecht regarding High Tea. Although I must admit that I myself already had one in Utrecht. I knew some places that  serve High Teas like Broers, Yogurt Barn and Sector 3, but I never tried one. This time I wanted to have a high tea! I could only think about the lovely scones I had and the shelves I’ve seen at the Bakkerswinkel. The Bakkerswinkel in Utrecht is located in a small cute white house on the Plompetorengracht. When you enter the shop you can’t miss the counter where they sell all their delicious pies and breads. Either way you can’t miss the lovely smell of freshly baked bread! Down the stairs, which are behind the counter, you end up in the cellar.

After entering the cellar, we were guided to a big round table with really kitschy cutlery.( I loved it, I think it goes with to an English High Tea). In the cellar there were small windows with a view of the canal. In the summer time you can see the boats.  In the wintertime (when it’s freezing outside) you can see people whom are ice skating.

At the Bakkerswinkel you can choose between two different types of High Teas. One called the Noon High Tea, the other one called the Bakkerswinkel High Tea. The differences between these two are the cakes. For this occasion (a small birthday party for my friends) we had the one with the cakes; the Bakkerswinkel High Tea. With this High Tea we had scones, mini carrot cakes and cheese cakes, finger sandwiches and quiches. I have to admit that the scones were the most delicious of the High Tea. They were served warm, had some chunks of chocolate in it and was served with homemade jam and clotted cream. Yum!

The Bakkerswinkel’s location is something typical for Utrecht. You can’t find it in Breda, where my friends are from. Tip: When you want to try the Bakkerswinkel, please make a reservation. It’s always busy!

Contribution by Samantha Wicht of Taste with Sam

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