City Expert Lotte wrote a review on Bastacosi a couple of weeks ago. She called the Italian, wooden oven, pizzeria the best in town. And I must say the pizzas a great. I spotted the new Bastacosi location when I was making my way to meet a friend for drinks. After we ended up eating dessert at Bastacosi, which also passed the ‘city expert’ taste test. At Bastacosi you can order a large or a small pizza. They also write down the pizzas of the week on a board above the cashpoint. The restaurant interior is very contemporary: they used a lot of wood and metal but made it colourful. It looks warm and cosy, like an Italian restaurant should be.

Reasons you should go to Bastacosi?

What you should try?
Pizza tartufo con proscuitto du parma, pizza salsicca picante and tiramisu.

Address: Biltstraat 33
Google map [highlight]here[/highlight]!

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