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Your feet might hurt, your legs are tired and you are thirsty but you still have not found a nice outfit for the party next weekend. ‘Minre Boutique & Coffee’ has cleverly anticipated this situation. At Minre, on the Minrebroederstraat 23, you can drink coffee and shop. Marieke (26) opened her business on 15 September. “I wanted to have my own business for a long time and I like hospitality and fashion. Then I got the idea to combine the two.”

Tasteful interior

What used to be a yoga studio has now been transformed into a modern business where the original details of the building are highlighted. The floor, partly old wood, and partly marble came from under a thin wooden-floor. You see exactly where the walls have stood. Marieke has implemented her own style throughout the shop and she has not forgotten any detail. The black, wooden coffee bar fits perfectly with the original floor. Even the clothes, jewelry, and interior items all seem to fit together.

Coffee corner

At the front of the shop, room has been created where you can drink delicious coffee by Segefredo. Do you not like coffee? No problem because soft drinks, homemade lemonade, and tea are also on the menu. Feeling a bit hungry while shopping? Ooh yes, they have apple pie, banana bread or cinnamon-rolls on the counter.

Friendly prices

Coffee, clothing, what else? Well: jewelry, bags, wallets and interior items. It is really hard to leave the shop with empty hands. I fell in love with a black leather basket with a plant. In addition, there are interior items for sale such as pillows and blankets. The prices are also affordable. The most expensive item is a blazer of 150 euros. For those who really find it too expensive: dresses cost on average 80 euros, shirts 40 euros and jewelry are for sale for between 15 and 40 euros.

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[author title=”Contribution by Sharmaine” image=”https://www.exploreutrecht.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/profiel_Sharmaine.jpg”]Sharmaine is a freelance journalist, writer and photographer with a great passion for Utrecht. Raised in the Burgundian Zeeuws-Vlaanderen where she worked for years in the hospitality industry. Went to the hotel school in Bruges and then went to the beautiful Austria to live and work. After two years it was time for another country and so she left for Australia with her boyfriend. There, Sharmaine discovered her love for photography and decided to further develop this at the University for Journalism in Utrecht. During her studies she got to know the city better and became interested in the rich history of Utrecht. She has been living in the center for 5 years. She prefers to search for unusual shops, boutiques and restaurants that few people know.[/author]