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It’s a cold, wet evening in January as I make my way to the city centre of Utrecht, packed and ready. Once I arrive at the Lijnmarkt I peek through the windows of a nearby storefront: and it’s filled to the brim with people, just as packed and ready as I am. What are we all going to do? Take photos of course!


Once in awhile the photography store Kamera Express (formerly known as Photo Patent) organizes a photowalk where they invite a group of photographers to take a stroll through Utrecht, to photograph it in all its beauty. This particular photowalk revolved around night photography: how to take the most beautiful pictures in the dark, especially in the lively locations of the city. Before heading out into the cold again, we get a few tips for the settings of our cameras, which we had to bring ourselves of course. For this specific photowalk it was advised to bring a tripod, but when I had forgotten mine I was able to borrow one from the guys at Kamera Express.


It was time to go outside and make our way to our first location: the Maartensbrug — just one of the many beautiful angles to photograph the Dom from. After playing around with my camera’s settings for a while, and with the help of some of my fellow photographers, I managed to take some nice shots. On to our next location, a little bit further down the road on the Stadhuisbrug. Here the Domtower, the gorgeously lit city hall, and the Thursday evening hustle and bustle of the Oudegracht and the Choorstraat compete for our attention. We continue on to our next challenge: the Janskerkhof. Here we take photos with an extra long shutter time of the busses and taxis speeding by, which cause some interesting light patterns on our photos. We finish our walk with a visit to the Domplein, where we take some last shots of our beloved Dom tower. We’re starting to get quite cold, so we decide to make our way back to the store to end this photowalk with a nice warm cup of tea.


It was a lot of fun seeing Utrecht through a different lens. Night photography can be tough at times, but with the help and tips of my fellow photographers the photowalk turned out to be a successful, educational and fun evening! Even with the Dom tower as beautiful as she is, I would love to walk to have a little more variety in locations to photograph.


Keep an eye out for new photography workshops and photowalks on Kamera Express’ website.

Kamera Express | Lijnmarkt 36

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