Is your timeline also full with post from fast moving, power lifting, sportive people since the first of January? Do you have good intentions to work-out and to live a healthier lifestyle? Have … you started already? Of course you can go to the gym, but will you be happy there?

Sports in Utrecht? Try something different!

Utrechters are really sporty people. In the city there are many sports clubs, gyms, sports initiatives and events. Very nice, but what are you looking for and what would you like to do? In the context of ‘doing something different’ we will mention fun and different kins of sports. In the coming months we will review these sports by category. Sometimes with a comprehensive review, if we have followed lessons. Sometimes with a short interview with the promoters.

Get inspired, get off the couch and start working on those new years resolutions.

Individual sports with powerrrr!

GL2R-crew-Hardlopen-Explore-Utrecht 1

Picture: Joyce Bongers

Individual sports and relaxation


Individual sports with a twist


Team sports with a twist

Sport Activiteiten Explore Utrecht 2

Picture: Ultimate Frisbee

My main tip: set some goals that you want to reach and do something that makes you happy. If you have cool suggestions for sports in Utrecht? Leave your comment behind in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Cheers to a sporty and fun 2018!

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