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Sugo Pizza I plate pizza at Vredenburg

Yes! Vredenburg has a new addition: Sugo Pizza. At Sugo you can get a delicious freshly prepared slice plate pizza for a few euros. Maybe you know Sugo from other cities, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where the concept has been popular for a number of years.

Pizza al taglio

The pizza at Sugo is different from the average (takeaway) pizzeria, because you get pizza al taglio (translated ‘sliced pizza’, or pieces of quadrangular plate pizza). This is originally from Rome. The secret of a good pizza al taglio lies not only in the toppings, which are simple, but of high quality, but especially in the pizza bottom. The dough is prepared simply: flour, water and yeast, that´s it. It has a long time to rise which results in an airy dough that is not heavy on the stomach.

1001 flavours

The selection at Sugo varies from day to day with a choice of around 10-20 different types of pizza each time. With pizza toppings you can combine endlessly and Sugo knows that all too well. Besides some classics (read: margherita, funghi, marinara and salami) we have discovered some exciting flavors. For example brie and portobello, ‘creme di ceci’ (this sounds a bit more appetizing in Italian than the translation ‘chickpea cream’) with kalamata olive, spicy tuna salad or artichoke and friarielli (a kind of broccoli).

To alleviate the stress of choice, pizza al taglio is the perfect food to share, but you can still taste different flavors! If you really can’t figure it out, we recommend the pizza with caramelized onion, mascarpone, mozzarella and walnut.

Vegan? Then Sugo is also the right place for you. The choice for pizza with vegetable toppings is at least as big as that for carnivores.

In addition to the quadrangular slices, there are also a number of salads on the menu.  For dessert, there are pots of tiramisu, panna cotta and chocolate mouse calling your name.

You can eat at the restaurant, but you can also pick it up a slice or two for home.

Vredenburg 21 | opening hours: every day from 11:00 to 22:00

Header photo by: Hanke Arkenbout

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