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Tijm – cosy living room restaurant located in the Vogelen neighbourhood

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Step inside Tijm and you’ll find yourself in a real urban jungle. Special plants, wicker chairs and wooden tables fill the cozy little space where you immediately feel at home. You can hang here all day long; for a cup of coffee, cake and breakfast to cocktails, drinks and dinner.

Living room in the Vogelenbuurt

Since a few years Tijm is located near the Willem van Noortplein. Originally you could only go here for takeaway and dinner, but this has been extended with an all-day breakfast and lunch menu. It is small but nice, a cozy living room in the middle of a residential area, with a modest terrace (with sun!).

Menu – from special teas to special beers

The emphasis at Tijm is on healthy and tasty food. Food that makes you feel good. The menu offers a lot of vegan and lactose- and gluten-free options, ideal for people with dietary needs or allergies.

For breakfast and lunch the menu offers dishes for the sweet tooth and for the savory eater. What do you think about overnight oats with dates and blueberries and pancakes with banana and maple syrup or avocado toast with poached egg and a poké bowl with salmon? Sounds good right!

The dinner menu is inspired by flavours from all over the world. You can eat roti with eggplant, pumpkin, garter and madame jeanette, Indian dhal with mango chutney or fish tacos with cod and avocado.

Lunch in the sun

We start with two giant matcha lattes, one with coconut milk and the other with oatmeal. We also order the pita with grilled halloumi and the sandwiches of Lebanese flabread with chorizo, tomato and cheese. The pita is recommended on the menu and I get why: a nice quality spiced pita with thick slices of halloumi, chilli sauce and fresh tomato. Finally we drink oat milk flat whites and we try the banana bread and the red velvet cake, freshly made by Sis Bakery, a little bakery further down the road. For the homemade chocolate date brownie we will have to go back.

Address Tijm
Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 5
Opening Hours: every day from 8.30 – 22.00

Coffee spot by day, (takeaway) restaurant by night


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