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An okay stay at Stayokay Bunnik!

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On a sunny Saturday in April Lazar(my fiancé) and I hopped on our bikes for a romantic evening away. We were going to visit Stayokay in Bunnik! A beautiful old manor nestled between the Amelisweerd estates.

You’ll find this imposing mansion surrounded by green and you’ll never expect to find a ‘youth hostel’ here. We were invited by Stayokay to try out their special ‘Honeymoon suite, in preparation of or (yet to be planned) wedding. You can also get married at Stayokay Bunnik! A gorgeous outdoor wedding, ending with sleeping off the buzz in a manor home with all our friends and family? Count me in!

The ‘honeymoon suite’

After we checked in, we got the key to our room including a brief instruction on how to find this room in the giant mansion. A few imposing staircases later we discovered our cool corner room featuring two giant windows with a view over the courtyard and the surrounding fields of Bunnik. 

The room was nicely decorated and we were provided with everything we needed. Apart from a little set of towels and shower supplies, we also found a basket with some fresh fruit, delightful! What we did find a bit odd was that the ‘Honeymoon suite’ not only featured two single beds, but they weren’t even pushed together. But maybe they’re saving that for the couples who’ve already gotten married 😉 We wasted no time scooting the beds together and surprisingly nobody fell into the dreaded gap during the night. 

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Food & Drinks

After making the acquaintance of our room, we decided to go downstairs for a drink in the courtyard. The old coach house serves as a little bar where you can order some drinks. If you’re feeling hungry, you can even order a bite to eat! We already had plans to head into the city for food, so we had to skip on that this time. But it is definitely a great option if you’re staying at the hostel!


You can also rent a bike at Stayokay to explore the surrounding area or bike to the city centre. We obviously took our own bikes there, but if you’re making the trip from further away it’s a nice service to have. The bikes look well maintained and cost 10 euros a day to rent. If you’re planning on discovering the city centre, make sure to return to Stayokay before it gets dark. We didn’t take into account that a section of the route through the forest didn’t have any streetlights. Better for nature and the animals, but terrifying as a bicyclist!

A quiet breakfast

The next morning we were woken up in our corner suite by the soft chirping of birds outside of our windows, where the morning sun gently peeked through the curtains. Such peace and quiet! Sadly it was time to pack our bags, but first: time for breakfast!

The breakfast at Stayokay was the biggest surprise of our stay: a huge selection of fresh products, some of which we thought might come from some of the farms in the surrounding area. Homemade jams in large jars, freshly baked buns (they were still warm!) and different kinds of cheese and cured meats: this is continental breakfast at its best. Apart from that the breakfast also took place in some sort of hall at the back of the mansion. Enjoying breakfast like royals with, once again, a beautiful view of the surrounding greenery and Theehuis Rhijnauwen.

All in all we were happily surprised by Stayokay Bunnik. It’s a hostel in a beautiful location. Are you looking for a budgetproof spot to enjoy peace, quiet and nature? Then you should visit Stayokay Bunnik! It remains a hostel and not a five star hotel. If you manage your expectations accordingly, this is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city!

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