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Monsieur Moustache: there is a new barber in town!

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Men with beards are as old as the stone age when men creeped out of caves ready to gather food and kill prey with their bare hands to put a meal on the table for their family. But lately, you can sport a big beard without looking caveman esque. That is – if you care for it properly.

All this hair needs to be manicured otherwise it will take-over your face and you end up looking like Catweazle. And we do not want any or that now, do we? To avoid this – Monsieur Moustache will come to your aid, at this spot located at the Oosterkade. Pascal is the beard and mustache wizard. But if you are a smooth guy, you can also drop by for a traditional shave.

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Cuts & Caffeine

A few months ago Pascal settled down with scissors, clippers and shaving brushes at the Oosterkade in the basement of the smallest bridge keepers cottage in town.

Upstairs in that same awesome building, coffee drips from the machine and cool stuff made by Damn Good Soap, at the Westerkade is for sale.

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I dropped by for a trim and as Pascal was perfecting my mustache, Lars started firing away with his camera – taking some awesome photos.

Monsieur Moustache Explore Utrecht 6© Photo’s:  Lars Verkroost Photography

Monsieur Moustache:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  | Oosterkade 1

Monsieur Moustache opening hours: Monday until Friday from 10:00 until 18:00 hours. Book via  the website .

Damn Good Soap / Cuts & Caffeine:  Website  |  Facebook

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