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Héron: the interesting newcomer in a hidden place

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Héron Petit Restaurant is brand new and on the other hand, not new at all. You might have heard of it already and who knows, you might have already eaten there as well. The past two summers Héron was a pop-up restaurant. It was a great succes, so now the two culinary geniuses behind Héron are starting out, for real.

Crowd funding

Joyce Bielderman and Victor ‘Plukker’ Stukker both have earned their stripes in the culinary world. Victor was a familiar face at MaS and Keuken van Gastmaal, where Joyce tickled your tastebuds with her words through writing for Culy.nl, among others.

When the time was right, they started a crowdfundcampagne. In no time they managed to fund 150% of their goal and now the time has finally come!

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Pure, local goodness

The sight of a heron as a logo for a restaurant doesn’t really make my stomach growl, but the philosophy behind it is very smart. The heron is not one-sided and eats everything he can find in his direct environment. At Héron you eat without frills. They work with a tightly knit community of local suppliers, who have their feet in the mud and pull the fish out of the sea themselves.

The flavor really benefits from this. All dishes are special, nothing you’ve seen a million times. My tip: dive in and surrender yourself to the flavors and dishes. Do not settle for anything less than a 4-course meal!

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Picture’s by Susanne Sterkenburg