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Pride of the city. The Dom Tower in Utrecht

Dagje utrecht historische feestlocaties Utrecht

A symbol of the city, and the most important cultural location of Utrecht – the Dom Tower is our pride and joy. Plus, let’s not forget that it is the highest church tower in the Netherlands with a spectacular view over the whole city and region. Climbing the steps of this 700 year old tower is a “must” if you visit Utrecht  – no matter the season. With her 112 meters, 465 steps and the Salvator as the biggest tower bell – the Dom Tower is not the only focus point of the city, but a useful landmark if you get lost in Utrecht’s crooked streets. To top it off, there’s a new gorgeous exhibition that opened up on the 25th of June called: “Pride of the city “at the Centraal Museum.

Strong fire

In 2013 Utrecht Tourism made an important step by setting up online ticket sales for the Dom Tower through the new website . But more happened! Queen Beatrix revealed the artwork ‘In Lumine Tuo’ – the final piece of light art in the spectacular April show. Since 2013 the Dom Tower also bears the bronze international Green Key certificate – the quality mark for companies in the tourism and leisure industry, and in the marketplace for meeting and conference venues. This is a great recognition for the Tower to have because it stands for sustainability and corporate and social responsibility. In 2014, Utrecht Tourism partnered with the chamber of music to show the towers wonderful location for concerts during the Utrecht Music Year.

Pride of the city

In 2015 the Dom Tower got global recognition when the Tour de France rode through, literally shining an international spotlight on our city’s monument. Finally – the rest of the world got to see what we admire everyday.

Research conducted by the Henry Beerda Brand Consultancy showed that the Dom was the most important cultural location in the province of Utrecht in 2013. For all you real lovers of the Dom, publisher Martijs published the book ” The Dom tower. Pride of the city “by author René de Kam. It’s 544 pages are packed with loads of information and 500 illustrations.

The Dom Tower is, and always will be, the central place in city for locals and visitors alike. It’s the pride and joy of the city. So it’s not a miracle that the Centraal Museum located at the Agnietenstraat, opened the new exhibit. Pride of the City runs from  June 25th until October 2nd of this year, so be sure to check it out.

What’s the exhibition about?

The exhibition, created in collaboration with René de Kam, is worth a visit. You’ll find special paintings, drawings, medieval tools and 3D animations that animate what the Dom Tower has endured over the centuries – like the immense storm of August 1674, when the tower was miraculously spared. Visitors can also design a mini Dom Tower with a 3D pen, build a large scale model of the Dom Tower and Church. Specially for families, there is a family route with several assignments about the Dom Tower. All of this makes a trip through the museum an adventure. And do not forget to stop by the exhibition UltraVision  by Hans Wilschut, the impressive contemporary cityscape from the Dom tower with a modern view of the old view.

Pride of the city. Utrecht Dom Tower ‘will be running until October, 2nd, 2016.

Centraal Museum | Agnietenstraat 1 – 3512XA Utrecht |  www.centraalmuseum.nl

Contribution by – Maurice Hengeveld – writer-editor-journalist

UltraVision by Hans Wilschut & Dom Tower (images: Susanne Sterkenburg)

Pride of the city. The Dom Tower in Utrecht (Central Museum and City of Utrecht)