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Insta-perfect nails by The Happy Toko

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It’s been a while ago since I first visited The Happy Toko! I barely did anything with my nails, but was immediately drawn by the colorful and cheerful nail art I saw on their Instagram and booked an appointment.

Insta-perfect and homely: the look

After receiving the address I arrived at Justine’s, the owner of The Happy Toko. I expected to arrive at a nail bar, but this insta-perfect nail salon turned out to be at her own home!

A delightful homely atmosphere, perfected by Justine. She knows exactly what she likes in her interior design and you’ll definitely see that reflected in her at-home nail salon. Jungle wall paper, plants, dried flowers and pastel pink and purple accents. Girly with a modern twist!

You really feel like you’re visiting a friend that happens to be awesome at doing nails. Justine offers you something to drink, a nice chat, anything you need to feel comfortable.

Full attention and perfect nail art: the experience

And then it’s time to pick a design! The Happy Toko specialises in awesome nail art, but you can also go for a straight up color. If you do decide to get some nail art, Justine has a bunch of nail wheels lined up with designs for you to pick from! She distinguishes between three categories: simple, advanced and ultimate nail art. Depending on how complicated the design is, and how much time it takes to get it on your nails!

Then it’s time for Justine to do her magic. No matter how nice a chat, Justine effortlessly concentrates on her work while having a conversation with you. You can see she goes for the best results and even the smallest details in her nail art get full attention. Every heart is perfectly symmetrical, every nail is perfectly painted, everything perfected to the nines.

Once your nails are done Justine gets out some delightfully scented nail oil and hand lotion. Extremely happy with my cheerful and nicely scented nails I leave Justine’s Happy Toko! The Happy Toko definitely lives up to its name.

Now you want some fleeky nails as well? I know! Its time to book your appointment and head on over to Lombok: thehappytoko.com.