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Dinner at Uptown Metro Kitchen

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A few months ago I went for a tasting at Metro City Kitchen Downtown Deli. And since then I have go to Metro often: for lunch or coffee appointments and sit in one of the cozy corners of the restaurant. Metro Kitchen has two restaurants: Downtown Deli and Uptown Kitchen. At Downtown Deli you can go for a coffee or a nice dinner in a beautiful setting.

The upper restaurant, Uptown Dining, has been open for a few weeks. Decorated with beautiful velvet pink and yellow chairs, wooden paintings of Stijgerwoods on the wall and cozy corners with comfortable sofas. At Uptown Dining you can not only dine but also sit down for a good glass of wine in the lounge.

Chef’s table

We took a seat at the bar with a good view of the kitchen. A great place to see which other nice dishes come from the kitchen. During our tasting evening we had chosen a three-course menu. We have put together this ourselves, but left the wine choice to the waitress.

Uptown Dining Menu

The menu is not too extensive but offers something for everyone. Guests can compose a three, four, five or six course menu. All dishes on the card can be combined separately. Do you only want three starters? Then that is possible with the selection on the card. The portions of the dishes are therefore just right. After a night of dining at Metro Uptown Kitchen you will leave for home with a satisfied feeling.

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What did we taste?

Our choice consisted of a good combination of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. With a nice glass of wine every now and then. The selection of starters consisted of: belly bacon with boksoy, caramelised chicory and fried Norwegian scallops. Then the main courses were; halibut fillet with yellow curry quinoa and deer served with potato, pancetta and jus de veau. We ended the evening with two beautifully plated and tasty desserts. The fresh passion fruit cream and the lightly sweet bread and butter pudding.

As the evening progressed, the atmosphere at Uptown Dining became increasingly cozier. The view of the busses and trams falls away when the sun sets and makes way for a nice light that reflects on the cool vintage lamps

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Photo’s uptown & dishes: Dainahara Polonia
Photo’s uptown sign & interior: justinebiesotdotcom by  Justine Biesot