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A culinary experience at De Zusters in Buitenplaats Doornburgh 

De Zusters restaurant, located in a cloister in the beautiful, woodsy Doornburgh, honors its former inhabitants in a special way. Not only do the chefs take guests on a culinary trip, but an evening in Buitenplaats Doornburgh also offers history, architecture, and art to enjoy. We were curious about what the evening would bring us.

Side note: Restaurant De Zuster no longer serves dinner, but you can still visit for coffee and lunch. Now and then they have events and pop-up dinners. 

Woodsy Buitenplaats Doornburgh

Buitenplaats Doornburgh is located along the Vecht. It’s a beautiful area where you can walk endlessly across lots of little bridges. You’ll be enchanted by the silence and nature. Besides a gorgeous 17th-century country house, you’ll also find a cloister in this beautiful park – or more precisely a priory, where nuns lived for a long time. After the last three nuns left, it was time for a new purpose. The silence has now made way for buzzing conversation, the clinking of cutlery, and loud laughter after a few good glasses of wine.

Three chefs and a restaurant

At De Zusters restaurant you’re visiting three chefs, and they welcome guests with lots of enthusiasm. The three gentlemen all have a tie to Utrecht. Chef Leon Mazairac is known from Podium onder de Dom in Utrecht. Chef Roy Wiggers is from the former Luce, where Florent is now located. And after experiencing his own adventure, Niels van Zijl, who had worked with both chefs, reunited with them. Together they started a new adventure in Doornburgh: De Zusters.

Entering a world of imagination at De Zusters

At the beginning of the evening, all guests are welcomed in the kitchen. A glass of espumante is ready and waiting, with blood orange and delicious kale chips, among others. As the guests enter the kitchen, the chefs put the finishing touches on the evening’s bites. Once one of the chefs has opened the evening, the bites are brought around by the gentlemen themselves. This immediately sets the tone for the rest of the evening. At De Zusters it’s all about “an experience,” interaction between chefs and guests, and among the guests. Everyone is part of the evening.

At De Zusters, they cook according to the “table d’hotes” principle. As a guest, you’ll be delighted with an extensive five-course menu featuring local produce. Every course is served in another room: the kitchen, the refectory, and the living room. Paintings, statues, and interactive art adorn the paths to those rooms.

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Five-course menu at De Zusters

What did we taste on this special evening? Too much to list here, and since the menu changes regularly, it’s probably unnecessary to report on all dishes. But we recorded the whole evening, so you guys can enjoy the beautiful dishes and good atmosphere along with us. The highlight of the evening was the main course in the refectory. We witnessed Niels prepare the Dutch pheasant. The wonderful aroma filled the kitchen and the end result on our plates was tender and delicious. To go with the main course, tutti frutti and cabbage were also on the table. I nearly devoured all the tutti frutti by myself. Delicious! The surprise of the evening was the Oudwijker Fiore with beer balsamic and dark chocolate. A powerful dessert full of contrasting flavors. A special culinary experience.

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Address: Diependaalsedijk 17
Website De Zusters 

Photo’s header by Robert van Walsem –  follow him on Instagram
Photo’s by Dainahara and Robert Walsem