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Fine drinking in Utrecht | exclusive cocktails & special whiskies

Let’s be honest, when IKEA says in its advertising that attention makes everything more beautiful, they’re right. And the same goes for going into town to have a drink somewhere. It’s great when the well-dressed bartender mixes your cocktail with care or gives you excellent advice on the best whisky in the house. We have three addresses where fine drinking, as a new trend, is being done to perfection.

Fine drinking becomes hip in the Domstad

A touch of FINCH

In the Drieharingstraat Mr. FINCH opened his doors just before Christmas. An innovative concept around fine drinking brought to us by catering developer Rolf Hopman (HopmanKersten project BV). Mr. FINCH stands for quality in both product and presentation and has an extensive menu with more than just premium made cocktails. All drinks are prepared and served with attention, expertise, creativity and class. Whether it’s coffee, tea, beer or wine … everything gets a ‘touch of FINCH’. Barmanager Marco Von Schükkmann and his experienced team treat you to surprising creations, from cocktails and copas to locally brewed beers and excellent wines. Often with a matching amuse or ‘bite’. Besides being the ideal address for fine drinking, Mr. FINCH is also the ‘host’ of several restaurants in the centre. Specify your specific culinary wishes and Mr. FINCH arranges a table at a restaurant for you and shows you the way. A new form of ‘reservation’ while enjoying the ultimate drink experience!

Outstanding cocktails bij Behind Bars

Where once the infamous night café le Carafon by the night mayor Rany Stiesri was located at the Hamburgerstraat 14, you will the intimate cocktail bar Behind Bars. Here you can enjoy great modern and classic cocktails in a no-nonsense atmosphere’, as noted on the Facebook page of Behind Bars and the owners couldn’t have described it better. The modestly accessible looking space is tastefully decorated and exudes a fine atmosphere, where you as a guest will feel at home. The enormous range of drinks and the carefully prepared cocktails, rums and whiskies do the rest. A great place for a drink and meanwhile fast on the way to match the popularity of the Carafon. If you’re curious about the ingredients of your cocktail then you can follow workshops, where you learn to make the best mixes yourself. If you would rather let yourself be pampered, check the opening hours (only in the evening) on the website.

Whisky sanctuary The Malt Vault

Since last year opened at Aan de Werf at Oudegracht 54, is The Mault Vault where slowing down while enjoying a sublime glass of whiskey is elevated to art. Not a bar, but rather a sanctuary around the artisanal grain into liquid fermented, distilled and matured water of life. Australian owner Said Bijary started his The Malt Vault in early 2017 as a small whisky bar on the Voorstraat and soon grew into a popular restaurant with 130 types of whisky on offer. On Oudegracht you will be offered an even better whisky experience and service than before. Together with the tasty snacks and bites you will be offered the ultimate taste experience. The very stylishly furnished, elongated wharf cellar also exudes a special atmosphere. In short, you really have to go there quickly.

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=”750″]Food inspiration magazine sees hyperspecialisation as the beverage trend for 2019. Whisky bars, cocktail bars, brewpubs, shooterbars and wine bars. These are bars that specialise more and more in quality, with price becoming a secondary consideration. With Mr FINCH, Behind Bars and The Mault Vault, Utrecht is well on its way to give substance to this trend. Excellent development, as far as we are concerned! [/box]

Pictures Mr. Finch by mingchao.nl, follow on Instagram.