Explore Utrecht is a lifestyle city guide by locals, for everyone whom is interested in Utrecht. 

We highlight the fun activities, beautiful places, new and known hotspots this city has to offer, all while promoting local businesses. We want people to enjoy the city as much as we do. Love for Utrecht, is the motivation to go out every day and explore the city.


The target group consists of women and men, ages between 25 – 45. Each month we help 10.000 unique (national and international) visitors explore Utrecht.

Most of our readers are from the Netherlands, meanly Utrecht. But also visitors from Europe mainly from: Germany and United Kingdom. Worldwide with visitors from United States, Russia and more.

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Want to work with us?!
Drop us an email if you are interested. Contact Dainahara via info@exploreutrecht.nl.

The past year we have worked with loads of different entrepreneurs in Utrecht. This resulted in different projects, which vary from review, lifestyle shoots to contests. We have worked with, just to name a few:
WT Urban Cafe & Kitchen
Le Jardin
Malie Hotel
Keck & Lisa
Sup School Domstad
Dutch Tea Festival
Urban Outfitters

We have collaborations with: Favoroute and IZI Travel. And Dainahara writes for NSfavourites.

Its also possible to work with Explore Utrecht or sponsor one of our Meet-Ups.

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