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Exploring Utrecht – discovering the Stadhuiskwartier


This week I’m taking you guys along to my favourite places in the Stadhuiskwartier. You can do some amazing shopping in this neighbourhood. You’ll not only find the most trendy boutiques and home decor stores in the whole city, but also lots of cafés and restaurants. Culture and sights are also well represented in the Stadhuiskwartier, from theaters to film houses, churches, and big cultural events that mostly take place on the Stadhoudersplein.

Shopping in the Stadhuiskwartier

I always score at my favorite stores! I often go to Bern in the Schoutenstraat, where, after a little chat and a coffee, I quickly duck into the fitting room to try on nice items. I visit so often that the owner Bernadette knows exactly what I like, and some pieces are already on the rail for me. I also like going into Daens, a super cool concept store, which offers some of my favorite brands.

I’m crazy about decor shopping and walking into the many interior stores in the Stadhuiskwartier. I get lots of inspiration at Bolia on the Oudkerkhof or I buy a lovely blanket or pillow at Morpheus. Strandwest and Bij den Dom are design heaven! I get so happy with all their beautiful things. Head to Live Today for gorgeous items to beautify your entire home: from scented soaps and vintage glasses to couches. Once in a while I also check out Savannah Bay on the Telingstraat to snoop around among the books.

Hotspots in the Stadhuiskwartier

The Stadhuiskwartier has perhaps some of the coziest cafés out of all the neighborhoods in the city. After a big shopping session, you’ll find me at the terrace at Daens with a glass of wine. Once in a while, on Friday or Saturday, I go for a drink on the terrace at Cafe De Zaak. The terraces at Cafe Fier and Ubica are also good places to be. I snack on the most delicious carrot cake with a latte at Bar Beton. I eat my burgers mainly at Meneer Smakers, and if I’m in the mood for something healthy I head to Yoghurt Barn. At De Koekfabriek you can but delicious cookies, for your coffee at home.


Culture | what to do in the Stadhuiskwartier

Check out the Sint Willibrordkerk to admire the beautiful decoration in this church. There’s so many beautiful paintings to look at that you won’t know where to start.

Theater Kikker is a small theater that’s been located on the Ganzenmarkt since 1980. They have a diverse program full of contemporary plays, modern dance, and youth theater. Theater Kikker has a program with productions from lots of theater makers from Utrecht. The shows are unique and it’s definitely worth getting tickets for an evening of theater.

Het Schiller Theater is a cozy theater on the Minrebroederstraat in the heart of Utrecht. The building has a rich history. From Mozart giving a concert in the dance hall, to being the house where lustrum parties have been held for the Utrecht Student Corps (student association), and to being a place where well-known Dutch cabaretiers (like Tineke Schouten) gave their first performances. In the small and only room, you sit right in front of the stage, which gives an extra dimension to the show. Buy a ticket and take a seat in the cozy living room, it feels like you’re visiting a friend.

Het Kruideniersmuseum is hidden behind a door under a gorgeous house, on the corner from the t Hoogt movie theater. Step through the door and it’s like you’ve gone back in time, suddenly you’re standing in a cute green grocers. Among all the old cans, scales, posters and more, you’ll find your childhood memories. This little museum is run by volunteers, so buy something tasty before you step back into 2017.

Photos: kruideniersmuseum, Live Today, Koekfabriek, Savannah Bay by Susanne Sterkenburg
Header Image by photographer Juri Hiensch

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