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The best is in the West

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Utrecht can feel like a big village some time, but even in this ‘small’ city there’s so much diversity to be found. Every neighborhood offers a different spirit and atmosphere, one of them: Utrecht West! Lombok and Nieuw – Engeland offer so much to discover and enjoy. Would you like to explore these neighborhoods some time? Here’s my favorite hotspots to get your expedition started!


You could call West the living room of Utrecht West. This homely cafe is always packed, so if you want to enjoy the cheap and delicious food that they serve at West, don’t forget to book a table!

Vleutenseweg 433 |

Instock (closed)

Fighting food waste and eating delicious food? You can do both at Instock. Try a different menu every day with their catches of the day. Those are the products that would otherwise be thrown out by the local Albert Heijn.

Vleutenseweg 382 | Review

Jasmijn en Ik

Jasmijn en Ik is just a little bit different than the other hotspots on this list. Apart from the interior that reminds one of a fancy nightclub, Jasmijn en Ik offers a menu with a surprising look at Asian cuisine. Fusion dishes served in tapas style, so you can enjoy an entire table filled with delicious, small dishes.

Kanaalstraat 219-221 |

Punk Pizza

This used to be a dodgy snackbar, now it’s a place for pizza experimentation with a big middle finger to ‘the man’. With organic ingredients, vegan options and interesting but delicious flavor combinations!

Laan van Nieuw Guinea 141 |

The Vegan Gorilla (closed)

Don’t let yourself be taken aback by the vegan label: the food at The Vegan Gorilla might be entirely plantbased, but all the dishes are delicious nonetheless! You can order small dishes here, tapas style to share with your friends.

Surinamestraat 5 | Review

Kopi Susu

Kopi Susu is a homely cultural café that has a approachable atmosphere. This is where the neighborhood truly comes together. Kopi Susu isn’t the favorite café of writer and photographer Joost Mangnus for nothing. Joost has written over 6 books about Lombok. Currently you can admire some of his photography in Kopi Susu. Until the end of october there’ll be 3 big mosaic photos of 1 by 1 meter depicting the Kanaalstraat, the bridges of Lombok and Lombok’s windmill.

J.P Coenstraat 69 |

Cucina Chanti

Italian classics and delightful wines are what you’ll find at Cucina Chanti. As soon as you walk in you feel like you’re in an Italian trattoria! Definitely worth a visit, tucked away on the H.J. Schimmelplein.

H.J. Schimmelplein 1 | Review

Café Lombok

Situated on the busy Vleutenseweg, it’s suprisingly easy to find peace amidst the cars zooming by. It’s like people watching, but with cars! In the summer Café Lombok gets an even better vibe, when everyone’s sitting outside with their glasses full and their smiles big.

Vleutenseweg 228 |

Koffie en Ik

The combination of good coffee, a calm atmosphere and a modern interior create the perfect atmosphere to clear my head. Koffie en Ik is the perfect place to get some writing done. Except on Sunday, when young families flock to the place. If you’re looking for a hip place to take your children? Than Koffie en Ik is the place for you!

Vleutenseweg 169 | Review


Ikook might not be a sit-down place like the other hotspots on this list, but there’s no better place in West for fresh, homemade and delicious food! Take a nice meal home and enjoy.

Vleutenseweg 349 (ook een vestiging aan de Amsterdamsestraatweg 100) | Review

The selection of hotspots in Utrecht – West is incredibly versatile and different, but one thing they all have in common: the homely, welcome atmosphere. Every place you visit, you get the feeling you know the owner personally, and that is how you’ll be treated too! You can’t fake that atmosphere and the sincerity instilled in it.