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Towers of the province of Utrecht

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A (church) tower is often a significant cultural location of a city. And in many cities or towns, climbing the tower is a must do when you’re visiting for a day. A lot of activity takes place around a tower, such as the local market and / or cultural activities. But of course you climb a tower for the breathtaking view. In this article I list three towers that are definitely worth a climb, these are located in: Utrecht, Woerden and Oudewater.

The Dom Tower: the beating heart of the city

The Dom Tower is the heart of Utrecht! With 465 steps and the Salvator as the largest tower clock, it is also the highest and most impressive church tower in the Netherlands. Yes, this is in our town and we as Utrechters should be very best proud. I climbed the almost 700-year-old tower a number of times and each time I was overwhelmed by the beautiful view. Every season the climb and the view is a different experience and definitely worth it. During the holidays it is lovely with the beautiful Christmas decorations seen throughout the city from the Dom. The climb up is certainly a fun experience. The guides of the Dom Tower are all enthusiastic domtower-lovers and this shows.

During the restoration, the Dom Tower remains open to visitors. The tour passes the Michaelkapel, Egmondkapel and the clock attic.

Tickets can be purchased at VVV Utrecht on the Domplein.

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The Petrus Tower in Woerden

The Petrus Tower is located in Woerden. The tower belongs to the Petrus church, but is separate from the church. You can also admire the interior of the church before or after climbing Petrus Tower. I have climbed the Petrus Tower under the guidance of a guide from the Guild. The Guild is a group of volunteers who love showing beautiful Woerden to visitors and residents.

To reach the trans of the tower you climb 142 steps via stone and wooden steps. The guide regularly stops to tell the group of visitors about the city’s past, the church and of course the tower. The guide also enthusiastically tells about the carillon, the new es-clock and the artworks on the last floor. Arriving at the trans you have a nice view over Woerden. Despite a gray sky on a rainy day, I could see the contours of the Dom Tower. I was told that on clear days you can even see Amsterdam.

You can buy tickets at Beleef Woerden.

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The tower of St. Michael’s Church

I could only admire the tower of St. Michael’s Church from the tour boat I was on when visiting Oudewater. From the yellow belly boat I had a beautiful view of the tower from 14th century with a special saddle roof. But if you visit Oudewater for a day, you can definitely climb the tower. The climb is accompanied by experienced guides who take you into the story of the origin of Oudewater, Sint Michaël’s church and the tower. The tower of St. Michael’s Church has a beautiful view over the city and the Green Heart (Groene Hart).

Buying tickets at Tip Oudewater.

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