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Stand Up Paddling on the grachten, a unique experience!

Want to explore Utrecht in a different way and be very active while doing so? Get on a SUP board! We got the opportunity to SUP along with Yvonne from  SUP school Domstad.  And we can tell you … we had a blast.

Shaky legs
With Stand Up Paddling – SUP, or suppen for short – you stand on a large surfboard and move yourself forward by using a paddle. SUP came from Hawaii, but now this sport is being practiced in the Netherlands and gaining more popularity by the day. And we understand why – it’s so much fun!

On the dock of Oosterkade we learned the basics and were told more about the safety instructions. And then, with shaky legs, we got on our boards for our first SUP Tour. After we made it through the first steps, and managed to stay dry and safe while crossing the Singel, we were instructed on how to stand on the board. We did this very care fully, because the chance of falling into the water was lurking just around the corner – and so were the people waiting to witness it!

Sightseeing Utrecht
From the City Buitengracht at the Tolsteegsingel, Yvonne takes us on to the New Canal. We supped by the Paushuize, onto the Kromme Nieuwegracht. This part of the city is just gorgeous and we need to be careful because of the low bridges. From the curve we supped up the Nieuwe Gracht, through the drift onto the Plompetorengracht and arrived at the Wittevrouwensingel.

Although we looked like a carnival attraction (we are frequently photographed by people walking along the canal and in sightseeing boats) we continued paddling on the water. After a well earned break at the picnic Griftpark, we passed by the City Theatre, through the Maliesingel and Observatory Sonnenborgh, back to the Oosterkade. Tired but very satisfied, and with hefty and newly emerging muscle pain, we sat down at Broei to talk about our most recent adventure: a special afternoon on the water!

Wanna have a go?
If you want to explore Utrecht in a special way and be active while doing so, we recommend going supping through the canals. Supping allows you to see our beautiful city, and to try something new at the same time. You can take a lesson by Yvonne, SUP school Domstad, or join SUP Clinics coming summer at Molen de Ster.

Supping is a guaranteed fun and unique experience on the water! It’s relaxing, and you discover the most beautiful spots of Utrecht. And do not forget – it’s a full body workout as well!


Oosterkade scaffolding | Website | Facebook
Lessons: call or email Clinics Mill Star : 4 June 2016

Picture’s: Cate Misczuk and Susanne Sterkenburg