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The Muzieklokaal: a happy note located at Bemuurde Weerd!

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The Muzieklokaal Explore Utrecht 1Since January, Utrecht has gained a new awesome spot: the Muzieklokaal, located at Bemuurde Weerd. Six days a week you can drop by for a lovely breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drinks. But what makes this new hot spot so special? At the Muzieklokaal it’s all about classical music.

Classical music for everyone 
The Muzieklokaal wants to make classical music accessible for everyone. The cafe only plays classical music, and on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons there are live performances by talented musicians. You can even buy music from the ‘listen’ music menu. The Muzieklokaal was very successful and we experienced this magic ourselves when, we dropped by during a live performance. The cafe was loaded with music lovers and we had to wait for a seat!

Love for the piano and restaurant
The Music Local is a concept was created by two ladies from Utrecht, Talitha and Sanne.  Together they’ve created the first classical music cafe in the Netherlands. It all started during a holiday in Portugal When the two schemed up the plan together. Back in the day, Talitha Studied at the conservatory to be a concert pianist, but unfortunately an injury put a hold on her career. Sanne Studied Social Science, and ended up behind a desk which did not make her happy. So years later, and while on holiday, the two Decided it was time for a change and started up a crowdfunding campaign to Realize Their dream.

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At the Muzieklokaal you can not only hear the best classical music, but enjoy tasty dishes. A lot of the products are locally produced thanks to a partnership with local providers like Rechtstreex. The farm to table foods are fresh, delicious, and reasonably priced.

To quote Hans Christian Andersen: “Where words fail music speaks” and this surely counts for the Muzieklokaal. Its a lovely place to relax, and meet new people.

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Pictures: Wendy Hardeveld and Susanne Sterkenburg