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Rum Club Utrecht brings Caribbean vibes to the Oudegracht

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Did someone say Caribbean? Well, then you’ll soon get the attention of these island girls. The Rum Club on the Oudegracht in Utrecht is already a success. So we (Dainahara and I) had to take a look as real connoisseurs.

It starts well, because we scored a spot along the Oudegracht. Yass! Perfect spot, because the sun is shining, but sitting inside would certainly not be a punishment. Not even with this weather, because the interior is so beautiful. Think a lot of cheerful colors, tropical (fake) plants and a neon sign with the text Dutty wine with me. Typical case of Instagram-worthy spot!

Original Cocktails along the Oudegracht

Oh yeah, and at the weekend the restaurant makes room for a club where you can throw your hips loose all night long. Perfect after work, work, work, work, work, work (sorry, couldn’t resist hihi). The whole thing promises to be a success formula. And I can’t see why this wouldn’t be a success in Utrecht. The restaurant has the same owners as The Streetfood Club, which has become an indispensable part of the city.

Of course we are here for the food and that starts with a delicious drink. On the drinks menu you will find loads of rum, hence the name ‘The Rum Club‘. Still I let myself be seduced by the cocktails and choose (a.o.) for the You used to call me on my shellphone. The cocktail named after the famous song of rapper Drake consists of Tanqueray gin with lemon, honey and passion fruit. And the drink is served in a shell-shape glas, how nice is that?!

The Caribbean kitchen at Rum Club Utrecht

The kitchen of Rum Club offers many small dishes according to the popular shared dining concept. That way, choosing becomes a lot easier and you can taste a little bit of everything. We start with the Aloha flatter and because we are very curious about the vegan variant we get a mix. Very tasty! The crispy vegan arepa was one of my favorite, almost as tasty as my mother’s.

For the main course we choose the Feast flatter where you can choose three dishes per person. A true tropical party with spicy island prawns, Barbados spare ribs and one of the tastiest sweet potato fries I’ve ever eaten. The Feast Platter consists of an etagère of three plates with banana chips, grilled corn cobs and pineapple pieces as extras.

I have to admit that I had my doubts beforehand, but The Rum Club has not disappointed me in any way. Unfortunately I was too full for dessert, but all the more reason to come back soon.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=”500″]Address Rum Club Utrecht – Oudegracht a/d Werf 111 Phone: +31 30 202 7028 E-mail: tropical@rum-club.nl 7 days per week open from 15:00 until late in the evening and soon also open for lunch.[/box]


Interior photo’s and header image by Lars Verkroost 

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