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Restaurant Dengh | Maximapark

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A loyal Explore Utrecht fan told me to visit Dengh. So I jumped on my bike and left my beloved city centre to explore more of the surroundings of Utrecht. It was supposed to be a 30-minute bike ride from Neude to Dengh, but in my case it took a little more then 45 minutes. Near the Maxima Park, at the end of a lane with beautiful rural houses, you will find, Dengh.

On site, where centuries ago a castle stood, now stands a beautiful country-style restaurant with a huge terrace. Tables with colored chairs, black lounge sofas and even a small fountain. You can sit out on the terrace, lounge or hang throughout the whole day if you like! Of course you can also sit in the beautifully decorated restaurant. With the gorgeous and majestic decor you wouldn’t mind sitting inside at all.

At Dengh you can eat, drink and do. It is a concept for all those who want to enjoy themselves at one venue. But forget about the ‘do’ because once you are sitting comfortably on the lounge sofa you don’t want to get up again. And you don’t need to either because the crew comes by to take and bring your order. The menu is nice and simple, no fuss but food for the general public. For the enthusiast they also have pancakes. Parents bring your kids because Dengh has a large playground as well. Enjoy!

Address: Enghlaan 17
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