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The history of the Guest House Bartholomeus begins in 1367 when a citizen of Utrecht, whom is still unknown, establishes the Guest House St. Apollonia. In 1378 Willem van Abcoude takes the Guest House under his protection. He changes the purpose of the hospital which is from then for the long-term sick. He also gives it another name: Guest House Saint Bartholomeus. It will be one of the most important guest houses in Utrecht and the only guest house in Netherlands that continuous-in its original purpose – for centuries.

Community purpose

The Guest House wants to have a central function in the city of Utrecht. It wants to provide a safe heaven to its residence, a worry free safe place were the elderly can stay. This can be a resident of the Guest House but also a citizen of Utrecht. The Guest House offers a lot of services which are not only for the residence but also the citizens of Utrecht can make use of what is provided. Such as the contemporary Brasserie Zunte, the (neighborhood) shop, fitness, hairdresser and pedicure are open to everyone.

Opening hours
The monumental Bartholomeus Guest House is open all day so you can stop by daily. There is an exhibition that about the ‘Van Armenpot tot zorgpakket’ (from poor assistance to healthcare package.) However, not all rooms are accessible because of activities and rentals. Also the impressive Regents Hall is closed.

During the weekly guided tours on Sunday mornings all rooms are open and accessible. You can make a reservation for the tour until Friday 4 pm prior to the Sunday of the tour.

Address: Lange Smeestraat 10
E-mail: info@bartholomeusgasthuis.nl and for tours teamwelzijn@bartholomeusgasthuis.nl
Phone number: +31 (0)30 231 02 54
Website: Bartholomeus Gasthuis
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If you are interested in an audio tour of the Bartholomeus Guest House, see the IZI Travel website. (Audio Tour Dutch only)

Contribution by – Maurice Hengeveld – writer-editor-journalist.

Header by Bartholomeus Guest House. 

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