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Piero’s a luxurious Italian restaurant on Ledig Erf

The Ledig Erf area has welcomed a new living-room style Italian restaurant. Piero’s has the appeal of a luxurious restaurant but at the same time the atmosphere is down to earth. Its specialty is Napolitano style pizza. We visited to have a taste and set our teeth in the thick crusted flavorful pizza’s.

Centerpiece bar

The first thing you notice when walking into Piero’s is the eye-catching bar with elegant blue bar chairs. And I can tell you that chair sit as comfy as they look. And that was precisely the intention of Piero, owner of the restaurant, to have his guests sit comfortable in the restaurant. Fun fact: naming your restaurant after yourself is an Italian tradition. Piero’sblue bar offers a wide range of cocktails, wines and spirits. I tasted the Piero’s mule; a refreshing cocktail with vodka, ginger beer, Amaroo, lemon and mint. The cocktail was not only beautifully garnished but also of excellent taste. My table companion was enchanted by the sgroppino that he ordered. Order a plate of antipasti and you are set for the evening.

Quality over quantity

At Piero’s produce is carefully selected, only the best will enter this restaurant. And you taste that in the dishes. Especially the antipasti which consists of vegetables, different sorts of sliced meats, bruschetta and cheese. Next to the antipasti we also tasted the focaccina, which is freshly baked bread with rosemary, salt and olive oil. So simple but a slice of heaven on a plate that goes very well with any selection of antipasti that you chose.

And of course, we had to taste the pizza; Piero’s pride and joy. I like spicy pizza so we went for the la calabrese pincate. This is a pizza with tomato, mozzarella, red unions and spicy salami. Once you bite through at first the crispy and then soft crust the spicy and tasteful salami is a welcoming surprise.

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Tiramisu or torta al limoncello

You do not leave the restaurant without having some dolci. Maybe it is typical but surely, I’m not the only one that always orders tiramisu. This time my table companion suggested we go for torta al limoncello. You can already guess the main ingredient of this dessert, can you? It makes for a fresh not sweet treat to end the evening. Freshly made daily by the chef.

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Ledig Erf 10 | Hours of operation:
Monday through Friday: 17.00 – 00.00 hours
Saturday and Sunday: 12.00 – 00:00 hours

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