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LIVStores – directly from the studio to the shop

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Last week Twijnstraat became home to a new clothing store: LIVStores. This isn’t a standard store like the ones you can find in a lot of shopping streets, but a gem among boutiques. During our visit to LIVStores, we went from one surprise to another. There were so many beautiful things hanging on the racks – more than we expected. LIVStores brings designers together and offers them a podium on which to show their creations to the public. As a customer, you become familiar with a variety of Dutch designers and their small, unique collections.

“This is a store where you enter and suddenly discover the most beautiful gems of Dutch design.” LIVStores

How it started

LIVStores opened its first store in the centre of Zwolle in 2014. The originators Marjan and Han wanted their concept to offer something new amidst the many existing shops in the city. A couple years and many customers later, it was time for a second step. Because so many of their customers came from the Randstad, the decision was soon made to move to Utrecht. Their building on Twijnstraat was thoroughly renovated and decorated for the next step in their adventure.

Discover Dutch designers at LIVStores

At LIVStores you’ll find small collections by Dutch designers. The collections are made in the designers’ own studios with a lot of care, creativity, and attention to detail. Therefore, there is a limited amount of each piece of clothing, pair of shoes, and bag. Like the gorgeous shoes by Dutch designer Jolanda van Eijk -only seven pairs exist. Truly limited edition! The collection in the shop changes often, and stays surprising and new so that customers always have something beautiful to pick out. This also gives different designers a chance to present themselves to the public.

LIVStores offers custom-made clothing

Say your dream jacket is hanging in the store, but it isn’t available in your size or in the colour you want. That’s often not a problem at LIVStores. Thanks to their good and strong relationships with the designers, your dream jacket is only a phone call away. You’re then measured for size, material is chosen, and the designer gets to work in her studio. And designers are not the only ones in focus at LIVStores – time is also taken to offer customers advice. An afternoon of shopping is quickly filled with multiples rounds of trying on clothes. Marjan is happy to assist the customer in finding the perfect outfit.

LIVStores also offers a wide assortment of organic products for the house, as well as personal care products from different brands. Believe me, you can’t get enough of those products, they’re amazing.

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Photos by Cate Misczuk

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