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Top 10 places to enjoy gluten-free beers in Utrecht

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If you are a beer lover with gluten-sensitivity, it can be hard to find a place where you can enjoy your favorite beverage. So, where can one go for a refreshing gluten-free beer? Fortunately, there are more and more cafés and restaurants, which have gluten-free items on their menu – and feel free to ask!

In this blog, Sarie from Utrechtglutenfree has made a list of the Top 10 places to enjoy gluten-free beers in Utrecht.

De Zaak serves Grisette Blond for € 3,50 per bottle and has a sunny terrace. This is a great place to enjoy an ice-cold beer and the sunny spring weather. Note: you can bring your own gluten-free snacks to complement your beer.

Springhaver serves Grisette Blond for €3,00 per bottle, which makes it the cheapest placto enjoy gluten-free beer. The café also It has a small and sunny terrace and a cozy and relaxed vibe. Note: Enjoy your beer with a plate of nachos with grilled cheese and salted peanuts.



Beers & Barrels serves both Mongozo and Grisette blond, for €3,50 per bottle. When the weather is chilly, you could visit their franchise at the Oudegracht, and at their harbor restaurant on sunny days.

Olivier serves Mongozo white for €4,70 per bottle. Ouch, I know! But hey, you get a great location for that. Sometimes they also have a different beer like Brewdog Vagabond. Fun fact: Olivier was the first who serves Duvel from the tap. Duvel is a beer, which has a very low gluten content that it’s practically gluten free. So, even if you are gluten-sensitive you could give Duvel a try.  Although I must say, after a few beers my head starts hurting!


De Poort  serves Mongozo for €4,00 per bottle and sometimes they have gluten-free beer from the tap. It’s great to get some nachos with your beer while delighting in the sunny afternoon at their terrace. When it’s chilly, simply grab a seat inside and enjoy the view of de Oudegracht through their windows.

Guusjes serves Mongozo for €4,25. Ouch, this is indeed quite pricey for a lager! But they do have a great sunny terrace in the middle of a nice neighborhood and they serve olives instead of gluten-coated nuts.

Kafe België serves Mongozo for €3,90 per bottle. Now you can also get Slaapmutske Dubbel, another gluten-free brand, for €3.60. This café is a great place to visit as it is the only pub where you can drink Slaapmutske. And if you are lucky you can get a spot on their small terrace on a sunny day.

Gys serves Mongozo for €3,50 per bottle and has two locations. Visit one of their two locations, and depends on the time of the day, you may be able to enjoy the sun on their terrace. By the way, they also serve delicious gluten-free meals.

West is the only pub (that I know of), which serves Bavaria gluten free for €3,25. They have a lovely terrace where you can enjoy the sun, and you may want to stay to enjoy one of their gluten-free meal.


Café Lombok serves the gluten-free Jopen: Hop zij met ons. They also sell Mongozo for € 4,90 per bottle. This makes them the most expensive place for a gluten-free lager. Luckily the sunny terrace makes up for it. Watch out: the Emping chips are not gluten-free because of the oil they use to fry it in.

Other great spots:

11) Satriale’s, which sells Mongozo. 12) Oproer: Hop zij met ons.  13) Kloek: Mongozo.  14) Tilt: Mongozo. 15) Cafe Brun: Brewdog Vagabond and 16) Cafe Brutal: Mongozo.

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