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3x boating on the canals of Utrecht

Grachtenvaarders Explore Utrecht 1

Boating on the canals, along the unique wharf cellars in Utrecht, is one of the most fun things to do. On the water you are in a totally different world. During a tour you come by beautiful canal gardens, mysterious doors, swimming dogs, and active people in canoes, pedal boats, or on a sup board. You can moor somewhere to get some goodies for a break in a park along the waterfront. Of course you can hire a small boat but you can also get onboard of…

3x boating on the canals of Utrecht

Design on the water! Stylish and minimalistically decorated with beautiful cushions, tables and nice things. You can lounge on the boat and look at all the beauty along the canal. Order wine, cocktails, G&Ts, or whatever you feel like. And all of this on the canals! You can get onboard for a round trip with drinks or check the eight different packages on the website.

Varen Oudegracht Explore Utrecht 2

Talud9 – my favorite wine bar in Utrecht, where I regularly go to enjoy a glass of wine – also offers a boating ‘wine & tasting’ experience. Delicious wines, matching snacks and a nice group of people is the success formula for a party on board. For €10 per person you get wine and bites and a lovely view of the city.

Gondelier van Utrecht (Closed)
The gondolier of Utrecht takes you on an authentic Venetian gondola through the canals of Utrecht. Tasty little Italian snacks make the atmosphere on this boat for two complete. Great for a marriage proposal, wedding, or another special occasion or just for fun.

Pictures by Daniel Versteegh and Pierre Banrooi