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Gluten-free cake in Utrecht: three recommendations

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In my opinion, there’s always a reason to throw a party, so there’s also always a reason for cake! Am I right?

But with a sensitivity to gluten, this isn’t always easy. Because where can you go? I think it’s a shame that there are so few places in Utrecht for me. To make the hunt easier, I’ve made a list of gluten-free cakes for you guys. And let me know if you have tips!

1. The Food Club

Of course this place is at the top of the list. It’s brand new, on my street, and totally safe for people with Coeliac disease. Owner Carlijn has it too, so she knows how important delicious and safe food is. She makes the cakes herself and they are heavenly! I got to try the cake with berries and delicious frosting. Carlijn told me that she also makes a delicious vegan salted caramel cake. I can’t wait to try it. And you’re probably also seen her chocolate cake on social media. Unfortunately, I was too late to try it. You can enjoy a delicious cappuccino with the cake, or make it extra festive with a heavenly G&T or one of seven (!) gluten-free beers. And you can also come here if you’re crazy about gluten: you won’t notice that it’s nowhere to be found here. facebook

2. Rose & Vanilla

Coincidentally, this is another location on my street. The Amsterdamsestraatweg keeps getting cooler!

Delicious lactose- and gluten-free cakes have already been made in this bakery for some time. Daphne recently renovated the place and opened a lunch room. Here you can enjoy delicious gluten-free brownies (and they’re vegan) with a delicious cup of coffee. Try the lemon and coconut cake too, with a crust made of almonds and sweetened with agave. Or the vegan apple pie without refined sugar. Sooo good! And it’s nice to know that there’s now a lunch menu with homemade bread. The menu will be online soon! The lunchroom is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Definitely check out our review of our visit to Rose & Vanilla.

3. Lucas

They really take gluten-free into account here: all cakes are both lactose- and gluten-free. But do keep in mind that gluten is prepared in the kitchen. My favourite is the carrot cake (without the green herb coulis), but you could also wake me up for the chocolate tonka bean cake! For the vegans among us, there’s also a date-fig-nut bar with dark chocolate, coconut, and matcha. We’re big fans of Lucas, and have already written a full review.

Also check out:
Anna’s lunchroom | website
They serve cakes from Sharp Sharp that are both lactose- and sugar-free.

Sisbakery | website
They often have delicious gluten-free goodies.

SLA  | review
Most cakes are vegan, raw, and gluten-free.

Cafe Elize | website
Gluten-free chocolate cake.

Bagels & Beans | website
Their pecan pie is gluten-free and vegan.

Daens | website
Gluten-free chocolate cake.

Yoghurt Barn | website
Cakes from Sharp Sharp.

*Bear in mind that gluten-free often means low in gluten; cross-contamination is sometimes unavoidable. Better be safe than sorry!

Bottom picture’s are from The Food Club

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