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Culinary delights at new Céline restaurant in Nieuwegein

Culinaire genieten bij Celine 8

Nieuwegein welcomed a new culinary restaurant last week. And this is not just any kind of restaurant. Restaurant Céline is located on a splendid location. On the grounds of the beautiful monumental Fort Jutphaas. The dream of owners Stephanie and Martijn came into being and they couldn’t be happier.

After two months of hard work, restaurant Céline has been officially opened. A promising restaurant on a beautiful location. The perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, to take your sweetheart on a date, but above all to be pampered with culinary delights. I was very excited when I heard that I was invited for a refined 5-course lunch. Très chic!

Restaurant Céline

Stephanie and Martijn met when they both worked for restaurant De Librije. He was a chef and she worked as a hostess. A few years later, the two are not only proud parents of their son Borre, but also of restaurant Céline. The walls of the restaurant are beautifully decorated with a one-line design of a poppy. It is the logo of the restaurant and has been well considered.

The rose stands for elegance, vulnerability, and strength. Exactly what they want to exude with the interior. And the name Céline also fits in well with this. The catering couple was looking for a personal and elegant name for their restaurant. A ‘real’ name as Stephanie said during lunch. The second name of the owner meets all these requirements. The French name Céline means heavenly or divine.

Lovely ending of the dinner

Enjoyed dinner? Then end the day with a stroll, because the area around the fortress is breathtakingly beautiful. You can walk along the water and enjoy a beautifully maintained piece of greenery. As far as I’m concerned, the location contributes to the total experience that Céline has to offer. Delicious food while enjoying a good glass of wine on a splendid location.

A Scandinavian and French cuisine

Upon arrival, I was welcomed in the lounge with tasteful oysters. I love oysters so that was a good start. Furthermore, the lunch consisted of haddock with peas, mint, and carrot. Fresh ravioli with potato, tomato, and basil. So delightful! And quail with kohlrabi and blueberry.

The dessert consisted of rhubarb with elderflower and yogurt. This was without a doubt my favorite. Although I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth and dessert is (almost) always my favorite. The menu is mainly inspired by Scandinavian and French cuisine. Yet chef Martijn tells us that it’s not the only thing they will serve in the future. Exciting!


Address restaurant Céline

Fort Jutphaas 3
3439 LX Nieuwegein
Phone-number: 030-6031708
E-mail: info@restaurantceline.nl

Photo’s by Bibi Hermans

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