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13 gift shops in Utrecht not to miss


Looking for the perfect gift but don’t know where to go? Here are some good shops where you can buy a great gift so you won’t disappoint anyone. It will also limit your last-minute shopping stress, so you have some time left to enjoy a cup of coffee at some awesome spot in the city.

It all starts with a postcard (Twijnstraat)
A store for all postcards, cards, books, and calendar fans. Their collection is huge – you don’t have enough eyes to take it all in! Here you’ll find that ideal notebook or funny calendar for the control freak who needs everything in order, or for your funny scatterbrain friend you could use a bit of order in his/her life. Facebook

Mooi & Belle (Twijstraat)
Just a beautiful shop with French flair! Mooi & Belle has a range of interior items for your home. From vases to lamps, mirrors, and soft cuddly blankets. The shop also has large interior pieces, such as tables and closets.

Atelier Living (Twijnstraat)
Atelier Living on the Twijnstraat offers a wide range of products for in and around the house. Think of accessories, lamps, books and more. But also jewelry, bags and fun gadgets. The store is on the small side but has enough cute items to keep you busy for a while. Also, check out their new store on the Lijnmarkt. called ‘Collectable’ stocked with dresses, jewellery, posters and more. 

Vollers 386 (Oudegracht 386)
Vollers 386 is a fashion & lifestyle store on the Oudegracht that offers an expensive collection. At Vollers 386 you can shop for clothes, interior items, jewelry and presents. The shop has loads of cute things to make your home very cosy. 

Minre (Minrebroederstraat)
Minre on the Minrebroederstraat is shop heaven, you can’t leave the store without buying something. Every corner is filled with lovely things and it’s hard to choose what to take home. Great store to buy presents and something small to spoil yourself. After all your shopping you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Rood & Bloem (Springweg)
Rood & Bloem is on the Springweg is the shop to get greens for your house. You can head over here for beautiful bouquets and plants, but also for lovely gifts, from accessories to home décor. The shop is located in the city centre and so very easy to visit while you are already doing some shopping. 

It’s a present (Lijnmarkt)
This is a surprising store! It offers a wide range of products from a variety of brands. Every corner of the store is full of nice and unusual items. Do be warned: there is so much choice that it can be a bit stressful.

Live Today (Korte Minrebroederstraat) 
This is a new interior shop in Utrecht. In this small store you’ll find lots of lovely things, from candles to large items for the home. Beautiful glasses, dishes, vases, but also delicious Kushmi tea, soaps, and chocolate.

Dille & Kamille (Oudegracht)
You can lose track of time in this store! You can find gifts for everyone on your list, including yourself. Whether you’re looking for a cookbook, kitchen utensils, plates, dishes, pillows, chairs, garden supplies, scented soaps, tea, candy, or chocolates, you will find it all at Dille & Kamille.

The Domestic Botanist (Jansveld)
Unfortunately, you can walk by the store easily because it is located in a side street of the Voorstraat. But it is definitely worth it to walk in for a look. At The Domestic Botanist you are at the right address if you are looking for a gift with a beautiful story. The gift shop is full of beautiful sustainable items. But you can also shop nice stylish clothes, as previously written in a shop review about ‘The Domestic Botanist‘ at Explore Utrecht.

Hutspot (Vinkenburgstraat)
Hutspot is a unique concept store, located on the Vinkenburgstraat in the old DE Cafe building. Hutspot offers a simple and beautiful collection for women, men, and kids. The concept store also offers interior items, nice presents, and books. 

Bij den Dom (Oudkerkhof)
Bij den Dom is wonderful for luxurious interior gifts for the home. Or for gorgeous accessories for the kitchen or bathroom. The store is full of beautiful things, and I could spend hours sniffing it all out. For a really lovely present for a special occasion or person, you’ve got to go here.

Keck and Lisa (Zadelstraat)
This is my favourite shop for browsing! I especially like the handmade baskets and the funny kitchen tools, but also games, books, interior items, and much more. Keck & Lisa has it all, so you will be sure to find a gift here. 

Picture’s by Susanne Sterkenburg & Dainahara Polonia

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