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Karel 5 and brewery Oproer brewing a new Utrecht beer

IJzerhard IPA Karel 5 x Oproer-2

In secret, Karel 5 and brewery Oproep worked together on a new Utrecht beer: IJzerhard. The main ingredient comes from the herb garden of Restaurant Karel 5. The herb verveine, also known as IJzerhard, is brewed together with other ingredients to a fresh IPA.

The past and present

Karel 5 takes this cooperation back to the past. The hotel and restaurant is located in a monastery complex from 1348, where the knight brotherhood brewed beer. During this time beer, with a low alcohol percentage, was the beberage of choice instead of water. The knight brotherhood stored the beer in the barrel vaults, where now the halls of Caves Caroli are located. Vito Reekers, chef de Cuisine, thought it was time for a fresh new brew with the herb verveine from their own garden. Brewery Oproer, who likes a challenge, immediately started experimenting.

Collaboration brew ‘Iron hard’ brewed with verveine

Oproer is a fusion of the Utrecht brewers Rooie Dop and Ruig. The brewery with a ‘Do it yourself’ attitude has been brewing its own creations in a brewery slash restaurant in Zuilen for several years now. Oproer has drawn from the verveine from the garden, a fine fragrant tea with a fresh lemon scent. The tea served as the basis for the Utrecht beer. The tea is brewed together with water, malt, hops and yeast to a fresh IPA. Verveine is known for its calming and positive effect on digestion. So the IPA is an ideal beer to end a dinner with Karel 5. But the IPA also drinks nicely with a bowl of bitterballen.

Preview at Karel 5

Do you want to taste the new Utrecht beer right away?
Jump on your bike to Karel 5, Oproer or various stores and other restaurants in Utrecht. More information can be found on www.karel5.nl.

From August 20 to September 8, Restaurant Karel 5 will serve an extra dish with each menu: a delicious beer and food combination. Reservations can be made via www.karel5.nl, mentioned at the reservation of “IJzerhard”.