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An alluring evening at Fico Urban Italian

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The Veilinghaven has just welcomed a new restaurant: Fico Urban Italian. The dream team behind the gorgeous WT Urban Kitchen thought it was time for a new adventure and decided, after years of service, to turn restaurant ‘De Veiling’ into a beautiful oasis. On the first night, we were invited to get to know Fico with a few other guests.

From the distance, we see the warm light of the restaurant shining, and thus we know exactly where we need to be. By the entrance, there’s a short and steep climb to the top. Once we’ve arrived on the first floor, we’re happily surprised. The atmosphere is already good: the wine is flowing richly and beautiful dishes are being served. We know immediately: this will be an awesome night! At Fico Urban Italian it’s amore a prima vista.

Italian Allure at Fico

In spite of its name, the interior at Fico Urban Italian is anything but urban. Where WT Urban Kitchen is mostly minimalistic, Fico has chosen an Italian style. Dark but warm wood forms the interior canvas, with as a special twist a wonderful deep green jungle tapestry and hanging lamps for atmospheric lighting.  The soft pink velvet chairs bring a seductive and feminine touch to the dark interior. We’re in love!

The menu

The choice at Fico is simple! No fuss, but a choice between a four-, five- or six-course menu. Do you want meat, fish or vegetarian? There’s something for everyone. Finish off with a sweet or savoury dessert. And of course, there are also gorgeous  wines on the wine list.

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Enjoying six courses

We take our seats at the big round table, and pretty soon two amuse-bouches and tasty bread with fig butter appear. Then a delicious Cincinatto spumante brut is poured. After some explanation of the menu, we don’t hesitate to choose the six-course dinner, including the wine arrangement. While we’re told about the second wine of the evening, a fresh Soave with nice aromas, it’s time for the first of the six courses. We’re served a filet of veal with Cevennes onion, salsify and apple. The dish is simple and mild in flavour, a nice way to begin. Then we’re brought two plates of risotto with fennel, tallegio and green asparagus. A herb-y smell meets us, but the dish is mild in flavour. The almost crunchy asparagus gives a good bite to the creamy risotto. Comfort food! To accompany the dish, we’re served a Grechetto, a white wine with body and soft tones of field flowers. I like the Grechetto di Todi so much that I drink it for the third course too. Also a good match with that course: ravioli of king oyster mushroom with mushroom pesto!

If there’s duck on the menu, then I can’t help but order it. Of all the dishes, the softly cooked duck with eggplant and beet is my favourite. The duck is soft in flavour, and butter soft with a crispy crust, and it goes really well with the herbed beet and eggplant. The Unlitro is served with the duck, a delicious red wine with notes of roses, herbs and cherry. The main course of burrata with green cabbage, la ratta and green beans in the surprise of the evening. A nice and simple dish that’s soft in flavour and light in the stomach for a main. My table companion enjoys her meat with caponata, truffle and squash.

We both finish with a dessert. My table companion chooses a good piece of pecorino ripened in hay with aceto and crumble. I go for the pure chocolate with different precautions of fig. A totally surprising choice for someone who doesn’t like figs! But we’re eating at Fico (‘figs’ in Italian). The dessert is no disappointment! We both drink a delicious glass of sweet, red Italian dessert wine, which almost tastes like port. The evening is complete, and after some chatting we head happily home on our bikes. Fino alla prossima volta Fico!

Veilinghavenkade 14, 3521 AK – 0303 2966001

Fico Urban Italian open every day from 17.00 to 00.00

Reserve online via ficoutrecht.nl

Photos of the interior and the wine by Lars Verkroost Photography 


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